Continuum Novicium

Does anyone have any experience with this wine? Considering a 3-pack, base price is $110 per bottle, total pricing is detailed below.

Interestingly, there are no threads at all on WB, and no bottles available whatsoever on the secondary market through W-S Pro (retail or auction). Weird, no?

Thoughts and experiences?
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It’s the Mondavis trying to stay in the game. Maybe it’s good - they have good land. I can’t say for certain because I haven’t tried that exact wine.

However, I would hesitate because Tim was the wine maker who made some of the less than stellar wines in the last days of the Mondavi winery before the sale and I haven’t been impressed by the few other wines that I’ve tried from him or his brother. For the sake of the family name, I hope it’s good. If you buy it, let us know.

It’s their second wine made from young vines. Composed of mostly Merlot and Cab Franc with the balance being CS, it’s right bank in style. Up until this year, Napanook could be had for $60 or less. But even at $70, a much better QPR.

I have not tasted it. It is the wine from young vines and the juice that doesn’t go into the Continuum. It was $80/btl the first year.

Purchased a 3 pack of the 2013 last year and tried one a few months later. It was just OK, possibly too soon.

However, when we had the opportunity to visit the estate this summer, a 2011 Novicium that had been double decanted was poured for us, and that was very impressive, fragrant before the first sip and good complexity throughout. I definitely enjoyed that, and learned the value of extra time and/decanting with this wine. I had no problem going in for the 2014 this week.

Loved our visit last month… but i think this wine is very good at the 60-80/btl price range.
at 110 (or 130 after tax/shipping) it’s a bit overpriced…

We were told it’s not Tim but his son that makes it. We got some last year but passing this time. Agree there is better for the money out there.

Not having a ground shipping option is giving me pause.

No experience with this wine but the Continuum is very tasty juice. I am holding off for that letter to arrive…

At a couple of c-notes per bottle, it better be tasty.

Your math is a bit fuzzzzzy. You spent $133.59 per bottle not $110.

Doesn’t he say BASE price is $110 and total price below?

As an aside, if you haven’t been there, they also sell an olive oil pressed from trees on the property. If interested it’s pretty good and I would imagine they could add it to an order.

I’ve never had this wine before.
Insight on recent vintages? (16/17)

They have since raised the price but it includes shipping for closer to $150. Sucked last time we went as we always bought it while at winery and there was no difference whether we had shipped or not. In last few years they have shifted Continuum to be more Cab Franc dominant and Novicium to be more Cab Sauv dominant. Were it not for the price increase Id be a buyer of a 6 pack each year

That aside it is a very good wine

I’ve been on the Continuum list since the inaugural vintage (drank our final 05 during quarantine).
I love the main wine; am not as crazy about Novi
We have visited quite a few times; it’s a wonderful visit.

Have you had since they flip flopped the blends in 2016?

‘14 is the last one I had so it was still Cab Franc dominant

May want to revisit