Content wider than screen on mobile

This isn’t a huge deal, but kind of annoying. The width of the content on the main index page is slightly wider than the screen on iPhone, so it can move side-to-side if you don’t scroll perfectly vertically. Makes it feel a bit janky. Here’s a video demonstrating what I mean (obviously I’ve exaggerated the side-to-side movement here to demonstrate it, but in normal scrolling it’s noticeable and really makes the site not feel mobile-optimized).

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hmm. I wonder if the header logo is what is forcing extra width…

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Could be. You can also see the numbers on the right are falling off the edge of the grey background on some rows. This is an iPhone 13 Pro (non-Max) FWIW; haven’t tried it on any other mobile devices.

Same on iPhone X

easy to adjust - what width should I give it and re-upload?

Requirements state this:

The logo used on mobile version of your site. Use a wide rectangular image with a height of 120 and an aspect ratio greater than 3:1

Currently each (regular and ‘dark’) are set to 976 x 120 width x height - had height at 123 before so perhaps that adjustment might have helped a bit?

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I have been switching between the various themes to see which one I prefer. This is worse on the default than the get off my lawn theme.

90+% of my time on WB is on an iPhone with 9.9% iPad and a rare visit to my laptop.

I don’t know what causes this. It happens sporadically for me but otherwise it doesn’t. But a simple refresh seems to fix it. It’s as if the page loses its borders

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I just checked with newly uploaded versions, slightly smaller, works for me - others??

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Yeah, it looks better to me now (though if @CFu is correct and it’s intermittent, it’s impossible to say if it’s really fixed or just not happening right now…).

Right, but I made the change just a while ago, so please ping me if it happens again

Content width on this part of the forum seems too wide now. Pushed out by the width of the drop-down menu?

Also the editor doesn’t fit on the screen. As you can see here…

Can confirm. Same issue here after banner change.

NeverMind. Back to normal after moving to a new page

Regardless, I’m checking with the developers, see if there is a fix, has to be since Discourse is very much mobile-driven

I am seeing the same things. The thread counts being on the edge isn’t the end of the world. But, the reply box being off seems wonky.

I made a change that might fix it. LMK if anyone sees it fixed or not.

@ToddFrench saw the problem again. I just made more changes. Hoping once again it might be fixed.

Left hand side…

Scroll right…

It doesn’t fit. iPhone 12.

Also when you are typing a reply the keyboard covers up the window so you cannot see typos. That’s real fun when you fu¢k up as much as I do.


At least you care about typos. I use landscape orientation on an iPhone

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