Congruence Wines Berserker Day Offer: Closing at 8am EST Friday

After last year’s warm reception on Berserker Day, I offer my 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (normally $75) at the rock-bottom price of $40.

You may have seen Mike Pobega’s recent note for the wine ( I think Mike’s note is pretty much spot-on. Like most of my cabs, it required a bit of time to come around and knit together. Now it is beginning to hit its drinking window and it will be really interesting to follow over the next 10 or so years, I believe.

You can order direct from my website,, and utilize coupon code “WB2015” for the $35 per bottle discount if you live in the following states: CA, OR, FL, TX, NC and NY. Order a case and I will include free shipping.

The promo/coupon code is located on the shopping cart page, just under the “Ship to” line. It says: “If you have a promotion/coupon code, enter it here”. After you put the code in, you have to update the cart to apply the discount to your order.

If you live in a non-listed state, email me at and we’ll put our heads together on your order. Actually, if you live in NC or NY, emailing me would probably be a better approach, also.

If you run into any issues, please email me at the above email address. Thanks for all the support!

Steve’s cabs are fantastic - I was able to taste his initial release, and I have to go in at this price, a no-brainer

I just placed a small order. I’m really looking forward to trying this, especially after hearing nothing but positive feedback from everyone!

I’ve tasted the '08 '09 '10. You can’t beat the QPR at the Berserker price.

Yes, you can’t beat the QPR, just the CC :wink:
Great deal on Congruence


In for 6.

Another I’m not convinced has much wine left after yesterday…

In! Thank you!

No love for Ohio. [cry.gif]

EDIT: Will email later if I have any credit left!

Haha! I took a beating yesterday, but I’m still standing. champagne.gif

In for six, can’t wait to try these. Thanks for the rocking deal Steve! [cheers.gif]

I see a lot of dangling orders from yesterday and today on my admin panel. If you’re having an issue, please email and let me know. Thanks for all the support, Berserkers! And enjoy the wine!

in for 6. thanks

Steve, just sent you an email.

I’m going to step away from the keyboard for a bit. I need a break - you’re wearing me out! flirtysmile

I will get back to you upon my return, do not worry. Thanks again!

QPR winner for CA cab. Definitely!

And this, hopefully, is my final purchase. In for three cabs. So far, my palate seems to match up with Pobega’s and I’m trusting his notes on this. Can’t wait to try one.

Thanks for all the support! I’ll keep this offer open for a couple more days in case anyone missed it!

Yes please do! I have to order some bottles but need the dust to settle a bit from all the craziness today.