Congratulations auction winners!

Congratulations to all auction winners, and thanks to our donors, and all who bid!

I am taking some rest, enjoying peace and quiet, and smiling deeply in appreciation for all involved with the day.

I will be in touch directly with each of the donors, and buyers

Happy BerserkerDay, All!


Interesting that the site supposedly cut off replies right at 11pm EST, but I saw some final bids that show 11:00pm. It doesn’t show seconds on my side. Might be some sad folks come reckoning time!

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Also a couple “winning” bids that didn’t meet the min increment

I feel your pain too but all for a good cause so no formal inquiry necessary.


New system, new features, and we learn as we go…

In prior BerserkerDay auctions, I shut the forums down manually, disallowing people from bidding, and with the posted bid deadline of 7:59:59, it worked - anything with an 8 in front didn’t win, too late. Well, the software here has a timer that I had set on all listings, closing at 8:00pm (Pacific) - it closed right at 8 pm but some bids snuck in. To align with prior practice (even though I changed the post to state 8:00 instead, since our system doesn’t timestamp with seconds, so there’s no way to tell otherwise) the same rules will apply this year, changing next year (outlined below).

Any bid with an 8 in front is not the winning bid - it technically came in too late if the auctions close ‘at 8’. This will please @brigcampbell who toiled to put the auctions together. Also, the bid increments are clearly outlined in each auction. If your bid increment was not in line with the posted increment, and there is another bidder before yours who did comply with the bid increment, it will go to that bidder.

NEXT YEAR - we’re gonna add a bit more fun and a certain level of risk to the equation. We’ll set the bid limit to whenever the system shuts it down - last bid gets it, IF the bid is with the proper bid increment as posted. Since it’s software based, it WILL shut down at 8pm, and there may be some bids that come in (or show posted at) 8pm - whatever the last bid on each offer that complies with the bid increment as posted will be the winner. That way all the snipers leave just a bit to chance waiting until the last second :crazy_face:

I will now work on all the auctions after outlining the parameters above, hope nobody is upset!


You could do it like a lot of online auction houses do theirs…
I.E. Auction ends at 8pm but a bid comes in at 7:59.58 and it resets for another 2 mins. It drives a frenzy at the last few mins and you’ll get more bidding.

There’s a 1000 post thread about winebid on here decrying that practice, that decision just might break the internet.

Just a thought!!! I’ll go back to sorting orders now!! :blush:

You need to understand your audience, me and Todd.

KISS: keep it simple stupid

who you calling stupid?


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The company I work for used to do a silent auction (pre-pandemic) to support charitable causes. They used that “overtime” feature where last minute bids trigger extra time (I think it was five minutes). We ended up with a couple of folks who got so pissed when they lost in overtime that they quit…over preferred parking spaces!

So there’s crazy all over.

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This may not be good.

Let’s have Acker run the auctions. /s

Would be fun to have it be a live auction with @ToddFrench as the auctioneer


Yes! Auction off some cattle to be processed by Flannery/Morgan.