Congrats to Mike Smith and the wines he makes!

No, I think it’s a different wine. Or a blend of the best from the three blocks. Again, think Schrader Old Sparky.

How was the O.G.? I’m definitely overdue for visiting Mike and picking up my 2012s.

Yeah, I believe it was a small, limited release, not one of the three '12 general releases. How did the OG, Grand Daddy, and 3 Kings rate? Congrats Mike!

It rocked, so did the Grand Daddy, Three Twins, Pellet, Sun Chase and Sangiacomo. I’m just so happy for him. It’s been something he’s strived for and deserved.

Well deserved congrats to Mike!!! Can’t wait for mine to arrive!!

Well deserved scores for a special person and winemaker. I have to become more “like Mike” (Pobega that is) . I get my wines and stare at them with joy… My little trophies… Oh, and to think I also bought a 3L of the Dr Crane Reserve for my buddies 60th Bday. Only a select few for that party someday…

Very, very well deserved. Mike and Leah are great people that run a first class operation.

+1 So great for Mike and Leah!!!

Oh, I get it! I thought you were talking about vintages. So what you are saying is that those who listened to Pobega and bought his wines earlier this year were front runners. Thanks. I had lunch with Mike at PDH after you guys pickled him at CLONYC. Seems like a very nice guy.

I don’t read Parker any more. What were the scores?

2012 Carter Cellars ‘G. T. O.’ - 100
2012 Myriad Beckstoffer Dr Crane Reserve “Elysian” - 99
2012 Myriad Beckstoffer GIII - 97
2012 Myriad Beckstoffer Dr Cane - 96+
2012 Myriad Three Twins - 95
2012 Quivet Las Piedras - 95
2013 Myriad Dr Crane and Dr Crane Elysian both (97-100 pts) barrel samples.

From what I understand Mike got 28 very nice scores this time around. I know he pulled about 15-16 barrel samples for the tasting. The rest was bottled wine. He makes 70 different wines. Not exactly sure of the exact rundown of those submitted. Perhaps someone who has read the reviews could chime in.


What about Becklyn? How did their ‘thank you card’ rate?


Anyone know when the Quivet cabs will ship?

I had the chance to taste a bunch of the Myriad, Quivet cabs, and even some Carter’s last week at the winery. They were all terrific wines. Sure glad I bought a bunch of the 2012 Dr. Crane Elysian cabs when they were offered. We even had the opportunity to try 2013 Ancillary Sangocamo pinot last week and it was very good too.

About a month ago I received notices from both Myriad and Quivet that shipments to So Cal would be the first week of Nov. So, I think we are talking about a matter days.

Couldn’t happen to better people. Myriad wines have always been stellar to me year in year out. My first wine was '07 crane and I was hooked. The syrahs are equally as good.

YTG!!! Congrats to Mike & Leah. Well deserved… [cheers.gif] Cheers!

Let’s hope the pricing on the 13’s aren’t influenced by these scores.

Fantastic wines, wonderful people! Congrats to Mike & Leah!!!