Congrats to Giovanni Manetti of Fontodi

For the 99 from WS today on the 06 Flaccianello. Much deserved, it is one of my favorite wines year in and year out. Maybe WOTY? (like that matters, other than making future purchases more difficult)

Ditto, one of my favorites as well and enjoyed a quick trip to the winery in Panzano last summer. I am a fan of the Vigna Del Sorbo CCR and Syrah as well.

Bought two 06’s last month, but jumped in and added two more today. That way I won’t feel bad trying one “early” and putting the others away (at least that’s what I told myself as I cringed at making yet another “must” wine purchase). The others will go deep in the cellar, as the WS and WA drinking windows start in '14 and '16 respectively.

I truly applaud the winery and winemaker, as they have put out a string of beautiful Flaccianellos…but share the lament that they will be harder to come by at a reasonable price. I was fortunate enough to snag a Mag and 2 750s of the 1997 for a good price a few years ago but can’t come anywhere near that now. I have also been itching to try the 2001, but haven’t been able to find it south of $100. Alas, I will enjoy what I have and will toast Mr. Manetti and team when I open a '97 in the next couple of weeks.


Congrats to them! Wish they would get a new importer though [berserker.gif]