Completed - Wines For Sale (100% DONATED TO UKRAINE)

Thank you


Are those Yquem 375 or 750?

Fixed. 375ml.

Is Gerard bottles regular or La Landonne? Don’t see where a regular bottling is listed for $100 so bit confused.

In the uk. No bottles available other than auction in the US.

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Bump for sold.

First $500 donation made to RAZOM Ukraine.
Looking for the second charity… (ideally someone on-the-ground in Ukraine)

DM sent

Good vibes your way for doing this!

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Updated for sold and added fresh case. Added some more bottles, including a couple that I didn’t plan on selling. This will be my final wine list. [cheers.gif]

Second $500 donation made to Nova Ukraine Emergency Humanitarian Response Current Projects – Nova Ukraine

Final $500 donation made to


Awesome cause. Thanks for setting it up!