Comparison between 06 and 07 Taittinger Comtes ?

Big fan of the 06 Taittinger after discovering the producer a year and a half ago. Love the Champagne drank 6 btls and although some have been a bit better than others have enjoyed every btl. Still have some left as I reloaded several times. Now I am concentrating on the 07 Comtes have already bought 6 and tempted to buy more as they are at a great price.

Before I pull the trigger on more I would like feedback from anyone that has tried both vintages, which you prefer and what the differences are ? The critics seem to love the 07 equally as the 06, but I place more validity in the palates of some of our board members who likely have a better palate than most of the critics. Paging Brad !

My guess is that they are comparable wines in quality but not in style, at least right now. The 2007 seems cleaner with more classic flavors. The 2006 seems more complex. Visit to Burgundy and Champagne - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

2006 was great! Had it multiple times. Tasted 2007 only twice so far, and I must admit being somewhat disappointed. As mentioned above, it’s “clean”, but then again also a bit boring.

Here’s my TN from Delectable; “One of my favourite Champagnes year in, year out. I’ve had plenty of vintages, and if offered at a fair price, I’m always in. This vintage is a let-down, and I’m happy to own only a few. Totally lacking energy and its classic grace and purity. Plush and disappointing.”