Comparing wine forums

I have become very biased and so may well be unfair, but now I feel Chris F. was wrong and WB is much nicer than BWE. All did go very well on BWE until I started getting posts from “Tim”, who is apparently a close friend of the “benevolent dictator” JH (whom I now consider very far from benevolent as far as I am concerned. Dictator, very much yes). Nothing here has been as bad for me as there, and I am REALLY glad to be out of BWE and using BW, wher I do not mind a few rough comments (no doubt I deserve some as I have made so many posts, I hope temporarily and I am lousy with computers [they seem to have many annoying habits and I make many typos.] BWE= Bordeaux wine Enthusiasts.


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Richard . I hope you recover soon and that you can resume your previous activities prior to joining Wine Berserkers. And I know I speak on behalf of all Wine Berserkers .


What is BWE?

Dante had his levels of hell, this is the WB equivalent. Or the boring Matrix if you prefer a more modern analogy.

I’m guessing Richard is referring to the Bordeaux Wine Enthusiast forum

Oh, no wonder I’ve never heard of it.

Thanks. Carry on.

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Haha. That’s just cold. And unduly dismissive. You sound like Fu!

:slight_smile: :wink:

This is confusing and disappointing. I anticipated a rigorous statistical analysis of WB vs Disorder vs WCWE (?).


LOL. I’m not quite Fu level. I do enjoy Bordeaux from time to time - just had a fantastic '86 Rausan Segla with leg of lamb - but it would truly be a stretch to call me an enthusiast.

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Lol, you would throw down the ‘86 Rausan, which is first growth quality IMHO!

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[rofl.gif]. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard since lockdown began.

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Post of the day…week…month even. I send my wishes as well.

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Easy, tiger. Rauzan-Segla is awesome, but First Growth…it is not

I thought it was LVF. Lesser Varieties Forum.

The ‘other’ varieties are just jealous that Bordeaux can make millions of cases of cab and merlot that all taste (or tasted) so good.

Already messaged Mr. Richard this morning when he posted a similar thread. Told him to stop. Todd also messaged him re: another post also requesting him to stop.

This thread is locked.

Richard - please read this since you aren’t responding to your PMs. If you post another thread like this we will remove your posting privileges. We are not BWE. We do not care what’s going on on BWE. But if you continuously post in this manner, you will have the same outcome as BWE.