Commerce Corner Deadbeats?

Wasn’t there a thread in the old site in Commerce Corner that discussed non-payers, non-shippers, etc.

Is it gone, or can I just not find/see it?

It is the sticky inside the CC thread.

You sure? Im 99% sure there used to be another thread for non-payers/non-shippers ???

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I see what you mean. I think maybe they were pinned in there like this one that was un-pinned?

I can think of a couple others that aren’t obvious now as well, so maybe something did change.


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Remember the pinning function is different here - once you read a pinned post, it is no longer pinned, that’s why.

Only workaround is to create an entirely separate category for it, or, perhaps much easier, create a nonpayer tag which can easily be referenced

EDIT - one sort-of workaround is that I made it the banner topic in Commerce Corner Feedback, which requires the user to unpin it manually. Only one topic can be made the banner topic, it is that one

I just read the Pinned thread in Wine Talk for Acronyms -assuming read means opening up the topic and scrolling to the end

It still shows pinned for me .

Yes, temporarily I disabled the ‘unpin when user reads to end’ but will put that back, as it’s important to have that function, and the ‘banner topic’ discussed above should hopefully fix it for most - we might want to add a nonpayer tag as well

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The global banner topic didn’t work because it was on all forums, which makes no sense - I changed that, re-pinned it ‘forever’ and added a nonpayers tag

Gotcha . Show it shows lower on the list of too is for me because I read it recently, but is higher on the list for others who haven’t read it ?

Just trying to understand - no biggie in the scheme of life .