Collingswood, NJ - Tuesday September 20th - Blackbird Restaurant

Any interest in an impromtu offline a week from tomorrow in Collingswood, NJ? More information at: on the restaurant.

Another option if more convenient for some would be Hamilton Grill Room in Lambertville:

Or if Philly is more convenient for some, Sonata is a good option as well. More information at:

It’s been a summer with no time for offlines, so I’d be up for this if anyone else is. Plenty of themes work for me. Any takers? -mJ

Bump with new date and venue options… -mJ


I am up for it and always prefer Philly not because I mind traveling to Jesey but because I can make it to Philly by 7pm. I cannot do Jersey before 7:30pm or so. How about Rhones at Sonata?