Collards,Cannellini and Italian Sausage

1 Small Bunch of Collards-washed, drained and cut into strips… I don’t remove the stalks
2 Links of Italian Sausage- hot for me
15.5 Can of Cannellini beans-washed
1 Shallot
1 Garlic Clove
3 oz tomato paste
1-1/2 Quart Fresh Chicken stock-- I make my own
1/4 cup white wine
Malbar Pepper

One pot cooking : place sausage in pan, brown with a bit of EVOO to start. Once browned well add mince shallot…saute. Add minced garlic… saute… then add Collards ( or any greens you wish ) allow them to sweat down… add wine (I had an old Riesling ) cook till liquid is almost gone… add paste …cook till slight browning of the paste happens… add beans… cook a wee bit more… add in stock… Pepper TT

I will take the sausage out about here and cut into bite sized pcs then re-add back cook 20 mins . I dont like my greens cooked to long…


I’ll try to get a pic soon!!

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I have to tell you… I make alot of soup and this is far the Bomb…

The Collards have lost a bit of color ( day 3 )… I added a bit of lime juice…Texas Pete… fresh parsley. and NOLA’s oil.

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Looks great.
I riff on the same structure with Escarole and Beans. My Mom used to make it for us with Progresso canned Canellini, College Inn chicken broth, and Hormel pepperoni.
I upgraded the recipe to fresh chicken stock, dried beans, and Palacio hot chorizo.

Hmmmm. I need to make that again.

A local restaurant serves a similar dish as a side. I just did my version of replicating it today and it was outstanding. No tomatoes and used dry cannellini to start and my greens were fresh kale. I also added some tasso from south Louisiana for some smoke. I topped it with a drizzle of EVOO and a sprinkling of parm. I cooked my down to a thicker consistency and smashed some of the beans to aid in that. Definitely a great winter dish!

We make this with escarole, delicious

I made this last night with some minor modifications due primarily to storm availability. No Italian links, so a 1lb of tube of spicy pork sausage (breakfast style). No Cannelloni on the shelves, so Great Northern. 1 tie of collards was 3 plants for me, and I needed to use a bit more wine to match your instructions. My only addition was red pepper flakes and my condiments were Red Boat fish sauce (1 dash), Sriracha, and Louisiana Extra Hot Sauce. Umami bomb, perfect for a cold night.

One of my favorite dishes (without the meat for my vegetarian wife). Escarole can be hard to find here through normal grocery channels, though

As for greens, I have finally found a use for kale. I really despise it as a fresh salad ingredient, mainly due to its harsh texture. My opinion is that it became so popular because it is so awful and people felt anything this terrible MUST be the absolute best in terms of health. But, using it in my recipe was great because it cooked down and became very soft (even the stems), but didn’t disintegrate like some other greens would - like spinach or even beet greens.

This has always been one of my favorite soups, thanks for reminding me to fix it. Probably fix tonight as i have some nice lakinato Kale. Since i’m getting dose 2 today, might need something pre-prepared for tomorrow. Thinking about throwing a few Ditalini in there as well.

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