Colgin offering

To preface, I love Colgin wines, and I cherish each bottle that I can obtain, and have enjoyed every single bottle that I have drank.

With that being said, I received an offer this morning of either a 2-pk or 3-pk of 2016 Colgin IX Estate, at $500 per.

What I want to know if just HOW good is the 2016 vintage compared to the 2013? KLWines has the 100-pt 2013 Colgin IX Estate for the same price.

Or, should I just jump ship and buy 3 bottles of KATA for about the price of one bottle of Colgin?

Got this as well. Just signed up for the wait list a few months ago. Dropping $500 on a bottle is steep for something I’ve only had a single glass of once.

I’m passing.

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I am passing also.

aren’t the wines available at retail for close to mailing list prices anayway ??

I’m passing as well, never had it but $500 a bottle is steeeep, is it that much better than other Napa cabs in the $150 - $250 range?

When I had the Tychson Hill a few years back, it was really singing. The balance was absolutely spot on (we never found another wine to be as silky smooth and elegant). My fiancée and I rarely finish bottles in a single evening, but Colgin is something I can’t leave until the next day.

When compared to something at the 150 to 250 range, it’s better but I don’t think it’s worth the tariff. The Memento Mori single vineyards are being released on the 19th of February I think, and I would say it’s wiser to get 4-6 of those as opposed to 2-3 bottles of the Colgin (Sam Kaplan is doing great things over at Memento Mori)

One thing to note is I believe that the 2016 Colgin IX Estate did also receive 100 points from WA (similar to their stunning 2013 vintage) if that means anything to you

Does Colgin offer any bottlings at a lower price point?

No. They currently offer two cabs and a syrah.

But the Syrah and the other can are both in the 500 range? I thought they were closer to 300

They actually offer 4 wines total - 2 red blends (IX Estate, Cariad), 1 Cabernet Sauvignon (Tychson Hill), and one Syrah (IX Estate).

I believe the Syrah is priced at $300, but don’t quote me on it. I also this interesting on their website. "Since 2002, her wines have averaged an appreciation of more than 80 percent in value in the retail aftermarket, according to Colgin. " I’m not sure if this still applies especially with the fine wine market dwindling especially on auction.

And apparently a place has the 2016 ‘IX Estate’ Cabernet at $824. I always wondered how bottles get to retail before the allocation period even ends…

A friend of mine brought a 2001 Colgin Cariad to dinner last night. Oh my lord was it good. And a still a baby with a fine future ahead of it. A real wow wine.

Prompted my a google it this morning. K&L is selling it for $350. This would cause me pause if considering a 2016 at $500, although of course provenance is king.

Agreed about ‘pausing you cause’ - but that said, if one is purchasing these to drink and not to resell down the line, it’s tough to think they will actually decrease from their offering price by much over time. I would think that 01 was much lower than 350 upon release . . .


The syrah is priced at $270, which is my favorite wine in their lineup. We buy all we can, as we love the wines. Drank a '10 Cariad last night which was fabulous. Still young but very approachable.

I think I have had every vintage of every wine they make, and have never had a bad bottle. Even the merlot that they make on the rare occasion is very good.

Ah yes, my mistake. Thanks for correcting.

We had an 03 Cariad a year or two ago and it was phenomenal. Bought off Winebid for $200 or so.

Memento Mori is excellent. I tasted the 2016 lineup, single vineyards and blend and I actually preferred the blend.

I’m passing as well. I’m discovering $250-300/bottle is my upper limit unless there’s crazy potential resale like Scarecrow.

Really? I didn’t get to taste their single vineyard, but have heard good things after trying their blend. Would you have tasting notes on the 3?

I didn’t take any notes, however I did taste them twice and both times I preferred the 2016 blend. I remember the blend more aromatic and complex compared to the single vineyards, all bottles had been opened for maybe 30 minutes, no decanter. My order or preference below.

  1. 2016 MM blend
  2. 2016 MM Dr. Crane
  3. 2016 MM LPV
  4. 2015 MM blend

I’ve never had Colgin, but can’t imagine it’s twice as good as Shaffer HSS at $250-300/bottle.