Colgin Allocation

Not sure if this is going to get me in trouble since I am new here…but I got allocated 3 bottles of the 2018 Colgin Estate Red at $550 a bottle. Never had Colgin but offering up the allocation to any takers. Let me know if you have any questions. PM for details. Happy to help.

Curious if you got a taker? I enjoy Colgin but it seems like the prices have gotten a bit out of control lately considering top back vintages are readily available for less than the current release price.

I got a few emails. Having never done this, risky considering how expensive.

Be sure to take payment via PayPal upfront before placing the order with Colgin. No risk that way.

550 is the mailing list price?! Holy f…

Yea a $50 increase from last year. The Syrah was up $20 a bottle. Both got 100 points from JD. I bought them probably going think long and hard going forward.

Colgin is my wife’s fave, but they’re making me think twice now.

Colgin is now slightly more expensive than Abreu and significantly more expensive than Eisele, Scarecrow, Dalla Valle Maya, etc. That’s a tough sell IMO.

Last year I decided to stop taking the Cariad allocation with price being the major factor. I really enjoy the Cariad, but at some point you just feel like a sheep that’s being sheared so I’m down to just the IX with Colgin.

Ya IMO it’s not worth more than Abreu, so this price increase helped make the decision for me. Great wine but any excuse not to buy a $500 wine is actually appreciated.