Cocktail glasses

I have some nice lowball glasses we’ve been using at home, but looking into getting some proper coupe glassware for our home bar. A lot of the cocktails my wife and I like are typically served in such glasses, and thought it’d be fun to try serving Champagne in them too :slight_smile: What brands do you guys use/recommend?

Great topic, I am looking for some as well, have been looking at these…

Definitely interested to see some other recommendations.

I like the Nick and Nora cocktail glasses for up glasses

I have a set that are similar in style to those that Suzanne posted immediately above, but they’re from an antique store in town. When we were there, they were everywhere. I think it’s kind of cool to have a set from the 1940s when serving a classic cocktail “up.” When we can shop again, I’d bet you could go find a great set in most large antique shops or second-hand stores.

I really like all fhe cocktail glasses from Urbanbar (including the Nick & Noras). Fun designs and they feel elegant in the hand: Glassware – Urban Bar USA

These are just what I was looking for.

Drink everything out of a rocks glass, the rare moment I have a cocktail at home, I’m a heathen.

I really like these Schott-Zweisel coupes|martini|22