***CLOSED***EMH Black Cat - 2012 Black Cats Need Good Homes! $75!

One of the “bigger” wines produced by EMH - some say a cross between Old and New Napa.

Notes here on Wine Talk and on CellarTracker.

Go to www.EMHvineyards.com go to the “order” page, select a single bottle of 2017, add to your cart, and change the quantity to “3.” I will send you 4 bottles of 2012.

Shipping included - all shipping done by mutual agreement on date. Happy to hold for Fall if desired.

Offer good through May 2.

I was happy to see this one on the list. Had it few times over the years, and it’s been a growing pleasure. Recently tasted it in January- True pleasure in a glass [cheers.gif]

Happy to add few more!

  • 2012 EMH Cabernet Sauvignon Black Cat (1/24/2020)
    You know that moment when you open a bottle and from the other side of the living room you are being asked “What’s that wonderful smell?”

So, EMH '12. Opened on Friday to be served along a small plate of appetizers, salad and some lightly grill sausage in olive oil. Great nose from PnP. Wonderful taste, medium plus finish on the length. I recalled that the big ‘nose’ has been an identifying signature also when we opened it few years ago (2015, twice by more than one guest). It indeed live to our expectations that the finish would become longer. The earthy notes (especially some peppers and light wood) came to the front about 60 minutes into the decanter. The finish got longer. Well balanced fruit (dark berries, cherry) on the nose and palate. Wonderful finish for the week. So, can it be your house wine? It can certainly be ours. Very enjoyable. Rewarding, and works very well with the olive-cheese platter. The only downsize? It was not a magnum :slight_smile:

93+, drinks well above its price range. (93 pts.)

Thank you, Erez!

I don’t know how I missed the offer… This is one of our favorite Black Cats! Merrill, thank you for facilitating the late order.

Albert - maybe you missed the offer because you are in the medical community and have been rather busy. Happy to fill your order.