Clos Vougeot from Hubert Lignier ?

I’ve just been offered a smattering of Hubert Lignier’s wines from recent vintages (2019 mostly, some 2018). One of them is a Clos Vougeot 2019 which confused me a bit, I was not aware that the domaine had holdings there. It’s not even on Hubert Lignier’s website, nor is it listed in the new edition of Inside Burgundy which I just got. I don’t believe it was listed in the tasting notes of burghound or in the inside burgundy website.

Is it a recent acquisition ? Has someone heard of this or even better tasted it ?

I was curious about it but it’s of course pricier than the MSD 1er Cru I’ve been offered (Riotte, Clos Baulet and Les Blanchards, all 2019) so I’m also wondering if it’s worth it. I guess it’s gonna be tough to know if no one is familiar with this cuvée [scratch.gif]

Probably a negoce bottling - Lignier definitely has a few of those. I wasn’t aware he made a Clos Vougeot either and I just did a tasting at the Domaine last month (and Laurent is quite generous with barrel and bottle pours!).

Looks like a negociant bottling since it is labeled just Hubert Lignier instead of Domaine Hubert Lignier.

Btw I opened my first 2019 Burg this week - a Hubert Lignier Plan Gilbert Bourgogne Rouge. I was impressed by it, though it’s not cheap for a BR. Still, very earthy & floral, with good depth and complexity even so young.