Clos de la Roche question

Last night, a friend opened a bottle of ‘99 Girardin VV. It was superb, one of the best bottles of Burgundy I’ve had in a while.

We were wondering about the VV aspect. Is this a parcel owned by Girardin? Might it be a Ponsot wine as that’s the only CDLR VV we’re aware of?

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Vv is a made up term and anyone can put vv on anything they’d like.

We know that, but are still curious if there’s an answer to the question. No big deal if not.

I doubt Girardin owns any vines in CdRoche -
VV is not regulated -

An aside, Girardin’s '99 Bonnes Mares is also quite brilliant. I’ve had it a couple times over the last 5 years.

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Same with his ‘99 Beze

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