CLONYC FOURTEEN- 1996 Napa Vs. 1996 Bordeaux - TONIGHT!

1-Mike P - 1996 Jones Family Estate & 1996 Corison Napa
2-Kevin P -1996 Abreu Madrona Ranch
3-Steve E - 1996 Corison Cronos
4-Nano P. - 1996 Peter Michael ‘Les Pavots’
5-Mark F. - 1996 Lail “J. Daniel” Cuvee & 1996 Leonetti “American Vineyard” Cabernet

1-Julius - 1996 Smith Haut Lafitte
2-Ramon - 1996 Pape Clement
3-Robert - 1996 Lynch Bages
4-Eric - 1996 Leoville-Poyferre

This is awesome, Mike! [welldone.gif] Just had a 1996 Grand Puy Lacoste with Ben Sherwin on Saturday that was showing nicely. I just have to figure out which of my (relative) boatload of '96 Napas I bring.

Sounds like fun. So far the date is good. I have a 96 Fisher “Wedding” I could bring.

If this keeps up, I may have to bring a bordeaux. [shock.gif]

I’m not undecided. neener I’m just willing to bring a Bord if we have too many Napas. Pencil me in with your choice of Spottswoode, Corison Kronos or Pahlmeyer PR.

Mike - Please add my name. I will do Bordeaux. Thanks

I would love to try the Corison Chronos.

Mike - count me in. I have the following to choose from '96 Barnett “Rattlesnake Hill”, '96 Justin “Isosceles” or '96 Lail “J. Daniel Cuvee”

That can be accommodated if I don’t have to switch camps. [basic-smile.gif]


I enjoyed the SLONYC #1 outing so much that, if you’ll have me, I’d like to grab the last Bordeaux seat. I was thinking of a Leoville-Poyferre or a Calon-Ségur.


Glad to hear!
This promises to be at ‘least’ as boring. [thumbs-up.gif]

Please wait list me with a Smith Haut Lafitte.

btw - if you want a real ringer and are going to do this blind, I have a '96 Leonetti “American Vineyard” Cabernet too.

Pencil me in for the Corison Kronos.


Are you no longer posting here?

I am still posting here. Just easier this way with both boards updates.

Just had this tonight. It is in a very good spot, but with plenty of life left.


I may crash this party regardless if there is a seat for me!