Clearwater/Madeira beach wine scene.

Going down for a week and trying to find out if there are any good wine bars in the area. I know about Bern’s and Salt Rock, but are there any other recommendations?

Other than Berns there aren’t many places with a good list of old world wines which is my preference. Salt Rock’s list does nothing for me and if I was going there I would BYO. Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City has an excellent list of Spanish and older California wines. You should check with their Clearwater location and see if they have anything close to what they have in Ybor.

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Trywine in downtown St. Pete. They have close to 80 wines on tap with the credit card pay as you drink system. From there, you can get to a dozen or so restaurants on Beach Dr, with my favorite being Tryst

I actually prefer the food at Rococo Steak in St. Pete over Bern’s, and even though their wine menu is no where close to Bern’s, it is still really good.

Not the best wine menu, but the food at Clear Sky on Cleveland in Clearwater is really good.

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Thank you for the help!

Anytime. Here is a wine store just south of Indian Rocks. We’ve shopped there a couple of times, and they have a decent selection of stuff if your just looking to pick up a bottle or two. Otherwise it will be your big box stores or grocery chains.

I just found out about this place on Beach Dr in St. Pete, and their menu and wine selection looks good.

Annata Restaurant & Wine Bar

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If I’m in the area for work, I go to Annata. It’s been a couple years, obviously, due to the pandemic in particular, but the people are nice and they some interesting wines on their list. Food was decent. Not sure if they’re still doing it, but they used to run a Sunday special for half-priced bottles that are $100 or under on their list. They even let me buy some Lioco Carignan for the road.

J- There are not a lot of great options. Bob Heilman’s Beachcomber used to have some great old Burgundy on the list. Food is ok but will be the best wine list for sure in Clearwater Beach.

Sea Guini in Opal Sands Resort is a solid Italian option. Good food and a few decent Italian wines. Almost all places other than Bern’s are corkage friendly. If you want to purchase wine for the trip go to B-21 in Tarpon Springs. You can buy in advance and then pick up. Leukens in Clearwater or Dunedin will also have some decent wine to purchase. Not sure if your going to leave the beach.

Pia’s in Gulfport and Villa Gillace in Indian Rocks also good Italian options.
E and E Stakeout Grill another good restaurant option but bring your own wine.