Clearing customs in EWR

Do people here think 1 hour and 45 minutes is enough time to clear customs in EWR and catch a connecting flight to DEN?

Yes, Newark is fairly efficient.

As you can imagine, it’s a massive gateway

Yes although keep in mind that you’ll clear customs and then you may need to take a train to another terminal. It’s very efficient if you have Global Entry - last month we were through on a late evening flight in less than 15 min.

Even without global entry, EWR is pretty efficient. I’ve gone through within 45 minutes several times in the past two years. As mentioned above however, EWR is a huge place and you may need to rush to get to the next gate, especially if your flight to the States is delayed. You have to use the kiosks instead of filling out the customs forms.

folks like to beat up on EWR, but for the twenty years i flew –
mostly to Europe and back, up to five times per year –
i thought that they got the job done expeditiously and in a reliably professional manner
on nearly every occasion

once, they shut the bar down in B, no more Guiness-at-the-gate,
but they restored it as soon as they could

and coming in thru Cusstoms Aggravation
was always as painless as it ever got

Thanks everyone. Decide to apply for Global Entry just be be safe.


Great idea.