Cleaning a Pot Rack -- Any Advice?

My pot rack sits above my range and I don’t have a great hood so the rack gets really grimy given daily use of the range. Does anyone have any tips on how to clean it? It’s attached to the wall, so taking it outside to pressure wash isn’t an option. I worry too about splashing gunk down if I tried to clean it in place. Anyone have a similar issue and found a solution?


Really? how? Won’t that stink?

Spray it on, wash it off. I’ve never used it on pot racks, but it’s a pretty decent solvent. Try a corner and see if it works or you (and if you can stand the smell)

A few options to consider:

Mr Clean Eraser: You’ll need multiple of these for a decent size rack

Goo off: Chemically orange smell will be pretty toxic so I would wear a mask and open windows. Would also drape some drop-cloth type of thing underneath to avoid drips on your stove

Steamer: We have occasionally used the steaming function on our iron to raise temps high enough on grease build up. Loosens up the grease and then you can just wipe off. Success here depends on how big the grease build up is and how much steam you can force out of your iron

Remove pot rack from over range. Easier to clean when down and if you don’t put it up again, or put it in a different spot, this will stop process from repeating. You have a giant house, dude. Surely you can find another place for your pots. champagne.gif

why do you keep your pot in a rack?

just use a baggie.

What Yaacov says.

remove pots from rack
cover area underneath with newspaper
‘tape off’ surrounding area/wall with blue painters tape and newspaper
carefully spray oven cleaner on the rack
wait 30 mins
wipe off
follow with an orange citrus based cleaner you can find at any hardware store
follow with a sponge and clean water.

Dawn and then Bar Keepers friend. +1 on the newspaper or cardboard box (just relight the pilots later). Get used to wiping it down as part of your tidy up process post cooking.