Classic Bordeaux Producers

Inspired by the Traditional vs Modern Barolo thread (kudos Pat Burton), I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts on which houses in Bordeaux are still making classically styled (non-parkerized / rollandized) wines.

Here’s the List so far:
Cantemerle - 5th Growth
Sociando Mallet

Brane-Cantenac - 2nd Growth
d’Issan - 3rd Growth
Rauzan-Segla - 2nd Growth


Moulis en Medoc:
Chasse Spleen

Batailley - 5th Growth
Clerc Milon - 5th Growth
D’Armailhac - 5th Growth
Duhart-Milon - 4th Growth
Grand Puy Lacoste - 5th Growth
Lafite - 1st Growth
Latour - 1st Growth
Mouton - 1st Growth
Pichon Baron - 2nd Growth

La Grave a Pomerol
Latour a Pomerol
Vieux Chateau Certan

Saint Emilion:
Canon - Premier Grands Crus Classes B

Saint Estephe:
Calon Segur - 3rd Growth
Haut-Beausejour -
Cos Labory - 5th Growth
Montrose - 2nd Growth

Saint Julien:
Beychevelle - 4th Growth
Branaire Ducru - 4th Growth
Ducru Beaucaillou - 2nd Growth
Langoa Barton - 3rd Growth
Leoville Barton - 2nd Growth
Talbot - 4th Growth

Groundhog day. Although I don’t think a definitive list was ever actually compiled (like the Barolo one.)

Look at hall of fame threads. There is a link to a very good thread on this.

Howard, I was referring to that thread. One or two posts with lists of producers, but nothing like as detailed or with the group contribution of the Barolo thread.

I’ll toss out a few that I’ve been buying for many years:

Leoville Barton
Pichon Baron
Pichon Lalande
Grand Puy Lacoste
Sociando Mallet
Clerc Milon
Calon Segur
Vieux Chateau Certan (a little pricey now but it’s second label is worth it)
Langoa Barton

I’m leaving off the first growths and La Mission Haut Brion as out of my price range at this point.

Robert, is Lanessan now dead to you? [stirthepothal.gif]


Well, Buecker’s note today on the 14 sounded nice. I’d prolly like it, the question is, whether I will patronize another estate that has moved in this direction. We’ve lost some good ones recently that before would have been top of my classics list:

La Louviere
Les Carmes Haut Brion

These have been some of my favorite Bordeaux these last 20+ years.


We do not yet know what is really happening with Lanessan. I ordered the 2015, so will take a quick look when it arrives next spring.

I bought two cases of 2015 Lanessan mags for family dinners in 12 to 20 years. I did that before I knew of the change over at the estate. Like David, my fingers are crossed. I worry, but have no evidence to suggest, that the ageability of the wine may be impacted. Time will tell.

A few more classics:

Chasse Spleen

Sadly, just found out another perennial fave QPR of mine just went to Bouard:

Cambon La Pelouse

Cantermerle and Branaire Ducru among the affordable.

Ducru Beaucaillou and the three Pauillac first growths

I’d add d’Issan, Rauzan-Segla, and Talbot.

Rauzan is a good choice

Gruard Larose, has it moved into the modern camp? Used to be one of my fave estates, killed it in the '80s.


Which La Conseillante did you have that was bad?

+1 on Batailley

Canon and Lagrange.

Good call, forgot about this one. Just grabbed an '82 for a very fair price.

Lagrange has gone modern for my palate. The oak treatment is too heavy for me.

I know this thread has been replayed several times over the years but it’s still helpful for old-school/world wine lovers not currently up on their Bordeaux.

Back in the eBob days I purchased some Poujeaux and Grands Chenes by mistakenly overvaluing raves without focusing on style…what a colossal mistake that was.

I’ve tried most all of the wines listed here with generally good results, but not recently (post 2010). Helpful info for future reference. Merci.