Clark Claudon / Tom and Laurie - selling their vineyards and looking to the next chapter...

The following email came in this morning:

I hope your New Year is off to a great start! I am excited to announce our 2019 Estate Cabernet will soon be released. As always, I can’t wait to share our latest Estate & Eternity Cabernets. The 2019 is purported to be another stellar Napa Valley Vintage. Though that is a frequent refrain, the exceptional years like 2018 and now 2019 do stand out. More information to come…

Sadly, due to Climate Change and its consequent smoke taint, drought, and warmer temperatures, there are no future vintages of Clark-Claudon Cabernet waiting in barrel. Our planet is certainly telling us something! I want to plug my ears, but we need to listen.

Each New Year I review where we are and where we’re going as I plan next steps. This January was an exception as I also looked back. That backwards view is full of joy, family, resilience, friends, accomplishments, adventures, and so much more. We have truly experienced Napa Valley’s best of times. Yet now, it feels right to let go.

In our 70’s, but never ones to slow down, Tom and I have placed our vineyard property on the market while we pivot towards some new and meaningful endeavors. The decision is surely bittersweet, but our family is a busy one, full of adventures, passions, and new vistas. Though it will be very hard to let go of the land we have cherished; we are each joyfully creating our next chapters.

Our 2019 Cabernets, 2021 Wild Iris, and library wines will be the last for us to sell. Fortunately, they give me more time and reasons to connect with you and all our wonderful customers. Hence, this is not yet goodbye!

To Health, Hope & Joy in 2022 - Tom and Laurie

This is sad news. I have a very fond memory of a visit to CC back when they were releasing the 2001 vintage. This was a work-related trip to Napa, but I was pretty new to wine. I was there at Clark Claudon with a far more experienced wine enthusiast who was also a member, and we took a ride in Tom’s truck around the property. They were very nice people and I really like the wines when I had them.

Sad news indeed. Wonderful wine. Wonderful and generous people.