Clam Box in Ipswich

amazing place to eat fried Ipswich clams–loved it and still thinking about it. Massachusetts is lucky. Each order is prepared when ordered, clams harvested and shucked that day.

The Clam Box on Wollaston Beach in Quincy is amazing too. I was born just south of Ipswich, but I never had fried clams until I went to the one at Wollaston. Incredible stuff. I’d love to try them with Riesling or SB. I bet Chenin Blanc would go well with them too, but nothing too aged.

I think clams and dry Chenin are a match made in heaven.

My wife and I are heading up to Boston in mid-November to take one of our daughters to a camp friend’s Bat Mitzvah. May have to hit one of these Clam Box’s!!! Definitely going to Island Creek Oyster Bar. Clam Box sounds like it would put the weekend over the top.

Neptune Oyster in Beantown was very good also, Mike.

ICOB is fine, but I’d recommend Neptune Oyster, Select Oyster Bar, B&G Oysters, or Row 34 (in that order) over it. Just some friendly advice from a local.

And Clam Box in Ipswich is great. Highly recommended.

Whoa…food for thought. No pun intended!

Mike - another big vote for Neptune, but it is teeny and does not take reservations. Your best bet to avoid a long wait is to go for a late lunch/early dinner.

Clam Box and Neptune/B&G, etc are very different animals. All depends what you’re looking for.
Also, check about clam box, they might be closed in the winter

put your name in. Go for a walk up and down the street. They will call your cell. Eat!

We rented an apartment next to and above Neptune last fall. Was there when it opened every day for late breakfast. Awesome

Walked into Neptune for a late lunch (2:30pm). Looked awesome, but every seat was taken and there was an 1.5 hour wait. I was starving so we nixed it and went to Select Oyster Bar. Hamachi Crudo, peekytoe crab salad, dressed Maine lobster, and a scallop crudo were all outstanding with the hamachi being exceptional. Thanks guys!

Island Creek tonight. Flat out, best dozen and a half oysters I’ve ever had… 12 island creeks, 3 aunt dotties and 3 moon shoals. Add some steamed clams, fried clams, oyster sliders and a lobster roll. Wash it down with Pepiere Muscadet and I’m in heaven. I was super impressed.

Kinda wish that I had more than 24 hours in Boston. Neptune looked great!

damn, you can eat! And you wanted another meal?!

As a native Bostonian and Fried Clam FREAK, I have eaten Fried Clams up and down the New England coast for over 50 years. It’s a never ending quest to find the perfect clam.

If you are on the north shore , The Clam box is a great choice but not open all year. Woodman’s is usually the tourist choice and their clams are cooked in beef tallow but I prefer Farhnam’s or Essex seafood.

If you are in Boston, Run , don’t walk to Belle Isle in Winthrop. Feels like a clam shack w a great view of Logan and the city skyline. If busy, the clams can be soggy so make sure to order well cooked. The Lobster Roll at Belle Isle is one of the great buys in the Boston area.

I usually enjoy ICOB, but I had a mediocre meal in Burlington last week. Ordered a large clam that was mostly breading on very small clams that was severely over cooked. The Lobster roll was also Meh w/ a brioche roll that was bone dry ($26)


My wife and I love IC oysters so when we knew we would be in Boston for a night, we booked dinner there. Based on some of the comments on this thread, I figured I’d try to squeeze in a lunch at one of the other suggestions as well. When we walked into ICOB, I admit to being concerned about how the food would turn out because the place is huge and I often find its hard to turnout consistently great meals in such large numbers. Turns out my concerns were unfounded. Everything was really well done. I’m just sorry that we are about to leave for home after spending literally 22 hours in Boston. I’d love to try all these other suggestions!

Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions. It’s part of what makes WB great.

Clam Box is right down the block from me. I actually love their fried shrimp. Line can be brutal.
Another vote for Farhnam’s in Essex and sitting outside next to the river.
Also Neptune’s is such a treat. It’s amazing that one of the most popular restaurants in the nation’s most authentic Italian neighborhood is a raw bar. They have a great wine list for a tiny place.
I will have to try Belle Island next summer.

Belle Isle is open all year. Perfect for a snowy view of the city