Cirq Post From 9-19-18

What happened to it? Deleted due to commercial nature?



I recognize posting a press release for commercial reasons might fit into some prohibition, but if anyone else posted it it would be considered informative, as was the subsequent discussion of Cirq’s plans from others familiar with them. Seems like a loss to delete the whole thread. Indeed, much of what was in the press release is available on the site anyway, but even so why not just delete the press release and leave the discussion?

Good point… or move it to commerce corner.

I agree the conversation after the initial post was a good one and would be of interest to many members. However, I do think the forum needs to enforce rules in these situations otherwise it can get out of control. Imagine if we allowed folks affiliated with each winery to post every press release to wine talk. Or if this one post was allowed and another was not, indicating favorites…
If there was a way to remove the initial post and update the thread title to capture the general topic of discussion, that could work.

Since the post did not directly offer wines for sale, commerce corner still doesn’t seem like the right place.

Slippery slope if we allow wineries to post their own press releases on this board. This board would be FLOODED with press releases.

re: deleting the whole thread. Our system allows us to separate threads and create new topics but if you delete the initial post first it removes the whole thread. An error that was not intentional by any of the mods. Feel free to start a new thread on it. Our apologies.

Yah, got it. Solutions for next time -

  1. delete the commercial material in the first post
  2. split the thread after the first post and then delete the original thread.

yes… which is what I said in my post.