So who allows corkage in Cincy? Most places I call seem like they have never even been asked the question. I have only found one: Nicolas. Great Italian in over-the-Rhine. Any others?

It was my understanding that corkage in Ohio was illegal under the current law (due to the liability of folks bringing in an unknown substance from outside. . ooohhhhh scary). However, I have seen some places that do allow it in the Dayton area and it seems to be more prevalent all the time. The Vietnamese place in Findlay market used to allow it until they got their liquor license. It definitely seems to be under the table at most places though with few advertising it. Golden Lamb in lebanon allows it, Palermo’s, Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen, Rue Dumaine and Olive in Dayton all allow it. That I know of Olive does not have their own liquor license. Here is an article on WS about it: What's the OMG over BYOB? | Wine Spectator

I hope I don’t get all those fine establishments in trouble. blush

I believe it is allowed if they have no license to sell it unless local jurisdictions further prohibit it. But most of those still choose not to allow it or, at least, do not advertize it.

Hmmm. I know it’s illegal in Indiana & Kentucky but I have not heard that its illegal in Ohio.

It may be illegal in Ohio, but the good restaurants allow it. Hit or miss. Just keep looking.

Bumping this up due to some upcoming travel. It is, alas, unclear to me based on some quick searching if it is OK or not nor which places might allow it. So, if anyone has knows of any places in Cincinnati that have good corkage policies, I’d love to know!

Boca, Sotto, or Nicolas. I think Mitas too. These are also pretty much my favorite restaurants in town.

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