Cider Recommendations

Dry, tart, clean (I don’t like brett) preferred. Esoteric is fine, but I’m mainly looking for those that are reasonably easy to obtain. Thanks!

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Make sure the wool was humanely harvested. Thank you.

Made about 80 miles from our house: Fox Barrel Pacific Pear Cider, from Colfax, Calif. You really gotta love pears, thigh!

Anthem Pear cider is delicious, as well.

I am a sucker for old plain Jane Wyder’s pear cider in a nice glass.

Samuel Smith’s Organic Apple is good, but I hardly ever come across it.

Wandering Aengus Bloom is another good apple based cider.


Mark, we really like 2 Towns Cider. Very tasty and widely distributed in California.


OK, just in case, I gotta mention Dickens.


Eric Bordelet’s cider is very good, cleanly produced and pretty widely available in the LA area. have seen it at K&L, Domaine LA, as well as through Envoyer.

I’ve heard good things about Scar of the Sea cider, from the Central Coast, available at Lou and other places in the LA area.

I really like Cyril Zangs cider, from France, however it can be natty/funky.

I’ll second the Bordelet suggestion. You’ll want the one labeled Brut if it need to be dry. For me, a little sweetness in something with this much acidity is a good thing, though. I find that many people who are averse to sweetness in cider haven’t tried the good European ones. I’m not saying none of our domestic ciders are any good, but I am saying that the vast majority of them are crap and extremely lacking in acidity, thus unbalanced. I don’t only mean the mass market 6-pack stuff either; I’ve had many “artisanal” domestic ciders from 750 mL bottles that aren’t cheap and aren’t good at all. A lot of people seem to think they can make good cider with apple or pear varieties that are good for eating. They are misguided.

For a clean style, I think Bordelet makes some of the best. Ciderie du Vulcain (Switzerland) makes some excellent ciders in a clean style too, but they’re not as easy to find.

I see you can get hold of aspalls, so the premier cru and vintage bottlings might appeal.

There is a remarkable local cider by ‘East Norfolk cider’ that is oak aged. Quite a shock to the system on first taste, as there’s real grip to it, so in theory fits the dry, tart, clean brief. Definitely not a ‘session’ cider, but a style I’d recommend trying if you see it.

We’re rather lucky to have some great pubs round here, including a modest backstreet pub that specialises in local cider (plus does a good compact pub food menu)

Not a ‘showpiece’ pub, just does what it does very well.

The very best cider (medium sample size) I have had was from Eaglemount in Port Townsend, WA. Looks like might be available direct from them…

The Willows Inn often features this as a pairing on their tasting menu.

Only had that one though, haven’t tried any of the other products they make.

Art + Science from the Johan Winemaker and Reverend Nat’s are both available at K&L.

I need to get some of Dan’s ciders. I have yet to try.


Bought some an Art+Science Cider sampler for my son last year on Berserker Day and it was a big hit … good weekend to be shopping!

Are the Art+Science Ciders bretty? I’m intrigued by the Berserker Day offer.

No they are not Mark. Don’t miss the Perry.