Churro Lamb Stew w/Potatoes & Peas and Cal-Rhône

Tonight’s dinner was a stew made from two years of Churro Lamb neck, braised in rich lamb stock with garlic, rosemary, and mint; and combined, after four hours of braising and taking the meat off the neck bones, with new potatoes and baby green peas. It was rich and enjoyable with a 1995 Terre Rouge 'Noir" (42% Grenache, 36% Mourvedre, & 22% Syrah) - cork moistened a ragged quarter inch; medium ruby-garnet in color; rich dark berry fruit in nose and flavors; pleasant mid-palate of adequate acidity, rich spicy berry fruit, and resolved tannins; with a medium-long rich berry fruit finish. It was very good with the rich lamb stew and Duke Ellington’s Black, Blue, and Beige.

No dessert tonight, we just finished the Noir while watching the GP2 race at the Hungaroring (via TiVo). Then we watched a very interestng Pacific Cod Battle on Iron Chef America and Lidia’s Italy doing Sardegnian foods (also via TiVo).

What does “two years” of churro lamb neck mean? Aged that long?

No, it means I used the necks from two different years of aquiring Churro lambs.

Ha! I do the same thing with steak bones and chicken carcasses. I recently (couple months ago) made FOS, so my supply of beef bones is low, but I have a couple 1 gallon Ziplocs bulging with chicken parts. Gotta love using every last morsel!

… and nice to hear the CARhone was still kickin’. [cheers.gif]

Ditto. Nice to know that Terre Rouge and Vino Noceto wines (from past posts) can age pretty well. I just have never had the patience to see how long they will last!

We have a lot of patience and really enjoy aged wines. We’ve been enjoying wines with good age since the late 60s.