Churro Lamb, Green Chile, & Bean Stew with Cornas

Tonight’s supper was our second from the braised Churro Lamb Shoulder, Green Chile, and Cannelini Bean stew that we started a week ago, with some added beans. I heated it for about an hour to further reduce the stock/sauce and soften the already cooked beans. The rich stew was enjoyed with a 2000 Noël Verset Cornas, passed twice through our Vinturi, first into a decanter from the bottle, then after 15 or so minutes, back into the bottle, with all sediment rinsed out and drained. It was rich, spicy dark berries in nose and flavors; good mid-palate with ok acidity, light tannins, and rich fruit; and a medium long to long spicy berry finish. After the Vinturi, the Crnas was a good match to the lightly spicy stew. All was enjoyed while listening to J…Bach’s Sonatas for Viola da Gamba and Violin with Harpsichord.

Then for dessert we had an almost past it Pink Lady apple, wrinkled skin - still crisp interior, with two Poli grappas - Sarpa and Moscato. The Moscato was very good a usual; the Sarpa was better with the older apple. All was enjoyed while watching (via TiVo) ‘Lidia’s Italy’ with pastas from Basilicata and Paris-Roubaix cycle race.