Choking on an 87 CT wine.

Gaykk. Wtf am i drinking?

I never said i didnt own a couple bottles of less than 90 rated wine. And tonight i opened one of them

2004 chapoutier limestone coast shiraz. Australia. It scores an 87 on ct. Later years were professionally rated in the 90 plus area.

Very very nice ruby red color. Poped it open and poured it. No aeration. Sniffed it. Smelled different. Like wines i grew up with which made me not a wine lover.

Took a sip and paused. Its hard nocking this stuff back. Dry. No flavor yet i dont really want to drink any more of it. What flavor is this exactly? I cant really say, cuz its actually worse than what i grew up with.

Blick. Thank God i didnt try to serve this splunk to anyone i know.

Aerated it through a vinturi.

Smells more foul and the taste is not improving one damm bit.

Good Lord, I need a shot of tequila.

This stuff tastes like ass. No, i have not tasted ass but it is what i think ass might taste like.

Im pulling a charlie fu on this one.

So, did you give it an 89 or a 90?

When all else fails… go pull another cork!

I gave it a 75 so it now averages a 86.

i dont really want to drink any more of it


tastes like ass

I gave it a 75

What’s a wine gotta do to get a 65, give you an STD?

Your bottle sounds brett-infested or cooked. Or over the hill. When 77% of the bottles have been consumed and no tasting notes in 3 years, that is a bit of a warning…

Hilarious! My condolences on the wine, but congrats on the post!


This is a good question, really. I thought about this, and I think your joke comes pretty close to the truth. Even most 2 buck chuck bottlings would get more than a 65 from me. Most of the time I think a wine is bad enough to merit something around 65 it’s actually flawed and/or damaged in some way. For a “sound” wine to garner a 65 from me, it has to be pretty darned disgusting. Luckily, I don’t plan on being encountered with this situation any time soon, or ever.

One Word - Chocovine.


You are really hung up on those numbers, dude.

Since nobody rates wine or at leasts prints a rating under 84 it doesnt matter what score i gave it as long as it was under 84.

This wine was nasty. I did notice that on the ct one guy posted 3 different times for the same wine. An 89, a 75 and a 70. I dont think he is trustworthy. He is off my reviewers list.

I thought people were holding onto them cuz they were soooo good.

Hey, if the numbers were not important, they would not be there. Same reason we keep score at sports events.



The CT score range goes from 88-92. I’d say 87 was really rolling the dice.

I’ve copyrighted that

Love the enthusiasm of your posts! Keep em coming.

Eric, interesting observation. I had not thought of that.