Chocolate of the Gods

I woke up this morning to find, on my nightstand, a stack of my favorite chocolate bark, Palomitapapa, wrapped in a big red ribbon. I like chocolate in moderation-- I’m not a “chocoholic” or anything-- but this bark is just the most perfect chocolate I’ve ever had anywhere. It’s made by local chocolatier Elizabeth Montes of Sahagún Chocolates with “Ecuadorian chocolate 71% + exploded corn + fleur de sel + homegrown chile japones”. This isn’t cloying “candy”-- it’s an amazing explosion of flavors and textures that hits every part of your mouth.

Elizabeth’s barks earned a mention in Wine Spectator a couple of months ago, and she’s going to be on NPR’s “The Splendid Table” tomorrow. It’s exciting to see someone who sells her chocolates out of a closet-sized shop in a medium-sized city get national recognition for her talent.

Wow, I have to get some of that for my father! you may not be, but he IS a chocoholic! I love Fleur de Sel in chocolate -just gives the flavor that little extra punch in your mouth!

happy valentines day! [give_heart.gif] [d_sunny.gif] [give_heart.gif]

Definitely. I don’t like overly sweet things, and a little salt really picks things up. It’s also textural-- I love the crunch! PM sent… if I hook Barry up with some great chocolate, do you think he’ll pay my way to Gaza this summer too? [cheers.gif]

Happy V-Day, Zach!

sounds like true love
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No affiliation, just a satisfied customer:
I received a box of beautiful chocolate from this merchant yesterday, and I can speak to its quality.

Speaking of chocolate, my lovely wife made this dessert for our dinner last night:

I’m just a lucky so and so.

Beautiful cake, To’. And what’s your lovely wife bragging about to all of her girlfriends today?

I went to the web site, and there were only 2 truffles available- no bark.

They don’t really have any way to order on the site, and I’m not sure why they don’t have more varieties featured on the “chocolate” page, but she has several types of bark for sale… and she only takes orders by phone.

Ahem…I have no idea. You ladies don’t talk about that stuff behind our backs, do you?

She might be telling them about the cream of potato and leek soup, or the prime ribeye steaks with chanterelle cream sauce…

Bone-in, of course. [thank_you.gif]