CHIRON - BD13 - Almost sold out!

Hello and Happy Berserker Day 13!My name is Bobby Moy and I am the founder and winemaker at CHIRON (pronounced Shee-RHONE). Our beautiful Napa winery opened in September of 2021! We have been making wine since 2015 and this year marks our first vintage producing wine at our new facility. We truly appreciate your support as we grow into our new space. Your continued engagement with us through the years has contributed to our ongoing success. We are a small winery located in the Napa Valley that shares space with our other labels Brevity and Black Powder (both labels are represented here today as well ( Brevity Offer ) and ( Black Powder Offer ).

I am a Napa native that has worked all over the West Coast from Oregon all the way down and through the Central Coast of California. I moved back to Napa in 2013 and have since worked with Joel Aiken, Thomas Rivers Brown, Frederic Delivert, and Corey Beck. In addition to CHIRON, I am the winemaker for a few other labels here in Napa Valley. Please visit our Brevity and Black Powder offerings today! CHIRON is my heart and soul, where I make about 750 cases per year of 100% varietal and vineyard designate wines. I love all the wines I make, but I am particularly passionate about Grenache. It has been an evolving love affair as I have seen the climate in California grow more conducive to great Grenache over the course of my tenure. I leave the winegrowing to the vineyard and strive to foster what I feel is the best expression of the site; preferring native fermentations and highly integrated oak (Insert here: “terroir driven”; “authentic”; “balanced”; blah blah blah…yes the wines taste like where they came from and are true to the varietal character…I don’t think I need to spin that record again for this audience). I’m very excited to share these wines and can’t wait for you to share your thoughts. Please visit our website at and please @chironwines when you pop your next bottle!

Welcome Berserkers to BD13 and CHIRON’s offers!

UP TO 40% OFF - When you consider ALL OFFERS INCLUDE SHIPPING (CONUS) Cellar Tracker Reviews SOLD OUT - Regularly $150 + shipping of $35…offered RIGHT NOW at $100.
3 x 2017 “Emergent Truth” Grenache, Napa Valley ($50 SRP) 100 cases made

Click Here to Order “Paint of Moonlight” Three Pack Vertical
- 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, Pelkan Ranch on the summit of the Mayacamas Mountains in Knights Valley ($95 SRP)
1 x 2016 CLICK HERE for more information on this wine (only 1 case left of this wine)
1 x 2017 CLICK HERE for more information on this wine
1 x 2018 CLICK HERE for more information on this wine
TODAY ONLY @ $199 including the shipping!

Click Here to Order “Big Red” - Four Pack** - Regularly $420 + shipping ($35)…offered at $300 with shipping included!
1 x 2018 “Virtue and Vice” Red Wine Blend, Napa Valley ($60 SRP): CLICK HERE for more information on this wine
1 x 2018 “Paint of Moonlight” Cabernet Sauvignon, Knights Valley ($95 SRP): CLICK HERE for more information on this wine
1 x 2018 “Candor” Cabernet Sauvignon, from Calistoga ($115 SRP) 40 year old vines, originally planted in 1880 This is a pre-release and I haven’t even made tasting notes.
1 x 2018 “Upper Westside” Cabernet Sauvignon, Mount Veeder ($150 SRP) CLICK HERE for more info on this wine**

Click Here to Order We have a lot of trouble shipping to the following states: AL, AR, DE, KY, MS, OK, RI, UT … if you live in one of these states and want our wine please DM me

Orders will be processed within the next week and shipped by our fulfillment center when we deem the weather appropriate. You will be notified upon shipment. PLEASE use a BUSINESS address if at all possible.

I can’t thank Todd and the rest of the Cru enough for creating a rich community of wine lovers that has thrived for the last 13 years!
Holler at me if you have any issues with ordering or just want to talk about mezcal: c:805.215.8283

Gotta get some of the new wines! Good to see you on here Bobby!

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Enjoyed the grenache pack last year – back for more, thanks!

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In for Big Red!

Folks, Paint of Moonlight Cabernet is f’ing incredible. Seriously, absolutely adore this wine. It’s on my very limited short list of what I have to buy on BerserkerDay this year.


In for a Grenache 3 pack. Excited to try these wines!

This and Salt were my favorites from last year. In for another Paint of Moonlight 3pack

Boom! Let the festivities begin! Let’s GO!!!

Always glad to get more Grenache in your glass Michael!

Thank you Randy! You are going to be stoked!

I hear it’s not often that Todd and his wife both enthusiastically like a wine. This is one of those rare times. Like Todd said, buy with confidence friends!

My money is where my mouth is, just ordered the following:

Grenache Pack
Paint of Moonlight Vertical

I don’t see your Chardonnay in here, which is also fantastic - I do believe Jen’s favorite of our trip…

Thank you sir!
Chardonnay is almost sold out. Only 9 cases left in the house. So, no offering of “Nectar Dance” this year. But I am offering my RRV Brevity Chard at a crazy price! Check out the offering @ Brevity

Todd’s recommendation was good enough for me. In on the cab.

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Same here. In for cab & grenache

In for a Paint of Moonlight vertical on Todd’s recommendation! [cheers.gif]

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Some strong recommendations here - in for one the Paint of Moonlight vertical as well.

Trying the Grenache - sounds yummy!

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In for Paint of Moonlight.

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Bobby, what’s my commission again?

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