China flights from US - help!

Hi all. I was just looking for flights from NYC area to China (preferably Beijing, but flexible) for May. I really would like a non-stop since the flight is so annoyingly long to begin with. Does anyone have any insight into non-stop flights from the US to China these days. Pickings appear slim to non-existent!

Anyone travel to China recently? Experiences? Advice?



JFK to Shanghai on China Eastern seems to be your only option. The only NS to Beijing from the states are via SFO. Shanghai you have more flexibility with SEA, SFO, LAX.

None through Chicago any more? Had NS to Beijing and return flight from Shanghai admittedly 10+ years ago.

Air China CA982 is about the only regular flight I can find direct from JFK to Bejing.

You’d definitely need a Chinese carrier for nonstop from the East Coast since Russian airspace is off limits to US carriers.

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I just returned from Shanghai via Delta. They mentioned on the flight that Delta would be starting non-stop daily service between Detroit and Shanghai as of May 22. Not Beijing I understand, but at least another option to Shanghai. good luck!

Thanks all. Jake. that appears to be the case.

Matt, everything changed in the pandemic and in the meltdown in relations.

Haven’t looked, but we usually fly to Toronto for trips like that

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