Chilled Red Wine

We love to drink Red Wine, and I’ve heard that some reds are nice served chilled, but not found any that I’ve liked chilled so far…Has anyone tried them chilled and if so which reds would you recommend [cheers.gif] [cheers.gif]

Relax Red needs a chill to be drunk

I ordered a Pipeno red from Chile, and I plan to give it twenty minutes in the fridge.

I have often read that Americans drink their reds too hot and their whites too cold.

Conversely, Lettie Teague (sp) wrote an article in Food & Wine about drinking whites at room temperature.

Like my Cabernet Sauvignon about 65, my Pinot about 59. Whatever it takes to get/keep them there I am all for.

Mollydooker the Boxer says right on the bottle to serve at 60 degrees. For a red that is pretty cold, but I am sure it is to cover up the 16% alcohol. Ouch.

I opened a 2012 Tribute To Grace Grenache this past weekend. On opening, it was tart, astringent and showed a bit of heat. Put the bottle on ice and cooled it down to the mid 60’s and it was delicious. It was a very different wine, showing fresh fruit and good acidity. Some of that may have been the exposure to air; most of that was bringing the wine temperature down 6 or 8 degrees.
Sometimes a little chill is what you need.

wineries are temperature controlled. for the most part, grapes are sorted, de-stemmed, pressed, processed, racked, aged, bottled and stored at this temp, which is less than “room temperature.”

my theory is to serve reds chilled - 60 degrees(?) - and let them come up to “room temperature” as they are enjoyed.

nobody likes hot red wine.

For me a red that is cool, but not cold to the lips, when served, is just about right. I figure that gets me to about 62-65 degrees.

For sure today room temperature is not the best for red wines. I got accustomed to chill red wine a little in order to bring them to 65°F. But it depends on the tannins: for less tannic wines you could go down to 60°F. When it happened to have tasted red wines under 60°F, I did not enjoy them.

Thanks for the info everyone - i’ll continue to experiment with much enjoyment

Seems to me that the better the quality of a white wine, the better the taste remains as it warms to room temperature. Cheap white wine needs to be cold to mask it’s faults. My wife & I enjoy the evolution of a bottle of JJ Prüm’s goldkapsel auslese as it goes from roughly 40˚ to 70˚.

That is from Louis Sntoine Luyt right? Beautiful wine to drink with food, 13-14 Celcius should be perfect :slight_smile:

I find a cool red wine around 60 degrees is the perfect temperature for a meal. Also as the wine warms you can taste its evolution to get a sense of when it tastes best.

Noone can beat it Chilled Red Wine

I remember seeing this on Facebook, though I didn’t read it, but it might be valuable to Daphne -

Yes. K&L purchase. It was not his fancier stuff, but more akin to the authentic wines of the area.

I’ve never tried a still red with a light chill (say 50-55 degrees) that I didn’t prefer at 65 degrees. I think all of the articles suggesting chilling light reds in the summer are a disservice to consumers. Chilling those wines only mutes the aromas and flavors. Sparkling reds seem to be a different story as I do enjoy a light chill on some Lambrusco or Brachetto.

I prefer reds served at temperatures below room temperature (not cold, maybe low 60’s), and then warm up as they spend time in the glass.