Chile Suggestions

Greetings folks with deeper wine experience than I.

I’m someone who really leans towards leaner, more rustic mountain cabs and blends from the US that take a lot of time to come around in the bottle. Think lots of acid and tannins, savory and herbal notes. This is probably laughable but I just feel I should check out Chile because it’s known for producing a lot of wine at altitude. Me, a man of science.

I’ve only tried a handful of Chilean wines, mostly from Maipo, and selection / knowledge locally is pretty limited. I enjoy the basic profile I’ve picked up so far in a few of these wines I’ve tried, none of which are particularly special or costly.

I’m looking for both recommendations of wines you know fit this more lean and rustic profile but also reading and resources on the regions you’ve found helpful. I’d really like to dedicate some cellar space to Chile based on what I’ve tasted so far.

Don Melchor is probably tops for me in Chile.


Agree with Kris on Don Melchor. Clos Apalta and its second wine Le Petit Clos are both great options as well, but they may be a bit more on the modern side of things.

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Any wine from Pedro Parra can be quite interesting!
A true soil geek that has been involved in a few projects and is now doing his own thing in Chile.

You might want to search for newer vintages of his wines, as i heard he changed his style after working with Comando G in Spain (for the better).

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