Chicken Soup, Prosciuto/Mozzarella slices, and a sorta Zinfandel

Last night’s light supper was a chicken soup - with light & dark meat chicken, carrots, celery, homemade noodles, garlic & Herbes de Provence, in a rich chicken stock; with slices of a prosciutto - mozzarella roll, on crackers for Carollee and on a Foccacia roll for me; wine was a 1997 Ridge Mazzoni Home Ranch (60% Zin, 35% Carignane, 5% Petite Sirah, a field blend); it was very good with the soup and accompaniments, while there was a good roaring fire in the fireplace and Beethoven and Schumann Piano Quartets playing.

Then for dessert we had a slightly overripe Comice Pear with grappas, starting with Moscato di Poli for a couple glasses, followed by a Banfi Grappa di Montalcino, and I finished with a wood-aged Badia a Coltibuono Grappa di Sangiovese. All the dessert was while watching Lidia’s Italy in Val d’Aosta and Burn Notice (via TiVo). Another enjoyable evening.

That was a light supper for you two, three or so grappas included.

Does the Ridge Mazzoni age well? We committed infanticide with a bottle of 2005 recently because I had never had one and wanted to evaluate. Might pick up more one day.

Let’s assume they were saving up for tonight!


We’re headed tonight for a preview of the transition from the Raiiyard Restaurant to ‘La Stazione’, an Italian eatery. We’re going with Laura Chancellor; it should be interesting.


The Mazzoni appears to hold up quite well. We’ve been drinking the '96, '97, & '98 recently and they’re quite enjoyable.