Visiting Chicago late September. Staying at Marquis Marriott near McCormick Place. Any recommendations for restaurants, preferably nearby? Is corkage commonly allowed?

S.K.Y. which is not too far from McCormick has no corkage Sun-Thurs. Also El Ideas is a BYOB Michelin starred restaurant also not too far from your hotel.

Since you’re looking at our Chicago BYOB list, Chinatown isn’t far and you have a rock star sushi place in 312 Chicago, along with great Chinese cuisine restaurants in Wentworth Seafood House and Dolo.

The previously mentioned El Ideas is fantastic and shouldn’t be missed.

Same owner as SKY, walkable from your hotel. I don’t know if they allow corkage.

2 Michelin stars and near your hotel (walkable, but I wouldn’t walk it).

Hai Sous Vietnamese on 18th Street (I don’t know their current corkage policy) is great. I want to work the pass.

Thanks for everyone’s input. Yes, I am hoping for walkable from the Marquis Marriott.
Please keep making suggestions, if you can think of any.
Phil Jones

When I was there a couple years ago- this area is kind of stupidly devoid of interesting restaurants. Chicago Oyster House was pretty good. Unsure of wine/corkage- I think I had cocktails.

Don’t know of anything really walkable from there. The places listed so far are either pretty far, or far enough away from the McCormick bubble that walking becomes an adventure. The green line station is about a half mile away and is fine during the day… the last couple of blocks closer to the station get a little saucy. You can walk to the station in daytime, get to any restaurant near a train line, then take a ride share back.

I wouldn’t walk that area any time, especially at night. This is why God made ride shares (Uber, Lyft). Much better option, IMHO.

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I’ve lived in the Chicago area since 1986. In Chicago terms, McCormick Place is basically a wasteland for food and drink — only the South Loop is arguably walkable from there, and it’s quite a hike. So make use of Uber and take a car to the Downtown Loop, the West Loop, or River North/Gold Coast, all only 5-10 minutes away by car. There are more world-class restaurants in those areas than you can shake a stick at, and most have corkage. That includes most of the Lettuce Entertain You group of restaurants, most of the independent steakhouses, and most of the BOKA and One Off Hospitality restaurants. Google is your friend when deciding which of the myriad choices strikes your fancy. If you want a laid-back casual outdoor atmosphere (IMO experience, Chicago summers are best experienced outdoors) with terrific but unfussy food and a pulse on the city’s vibe, try The Publican in the West Loop. If you want steak, try Gene & Georgetti or GT Prime or Swift & Sons or Prime & Provisions or Gibsons or Chicago Chop House or Bavette’s or Bazaar Meat.

Chinatown is close and has lots of good options as well

Had a wonderful dinner on Father’s Day at the Duck Inn, near @Corey_N’s neighborhood. Northside prices and corkage fee. But a great vibe. Doing the Duck Experience next time

The Bar has a $50 corkage. The Dining room is a fixed price including a flight of beers.

This is the spot. I have eaten upstairs in fine dining and the bar. Both are outstanding but the bar has really excellent food at an excellent price. Moody Tongue is the former chef of Longman and Eagle (back when they had a star).