Chicago wine shops

looking for a place to pick up a bottle to bring next week to Alinea any suggestions?

Verve, Binny’s, don’t think HDH lets you pick up there anymore.

Alinea accepts corkage ? Are you sure ?

I didn’t think they did either but it says they do on their tock FAQ for 125. They didn’t when I went last year. I would’ve def brought something if I was able to.

No idea what the wine list looks
Like these days, but when I last went it was decent, and obviously marked up but not outrageous. Is it really worth going to a wine store to pick up whatever they have in stock and add $125 corkage just to spite their wine list? Maybe different if you’re bringing something special from your own cellar…

Last nov we got Egly vp off the list for 300, so ~2.5-3x retail.

Perman’s is close by, and Craig (Perman) is a former sommelier for Alinea. The shop always has some real gems, especially champagne.

For the price of corkage, I’d also suggest going all out on a great Burgundy. Knightsbridge tends to have the best Burgubdy selection, but you’ll need to travel north to get there (worth it though). Chicago Wine Consulting in Glenview also has some good Burgundy (red and white).

I think the menu was reasonably burg friendly but was glad we got champagne.

Flickinger if you plan ahead. They will deliver locally for a reasonable fee if you can pick up, I believe.

When I first discovered the Sam’s Lincoln Park store on one of my many visits to Chicago I was awestruck.

Since the Binny’s takeover that store still is so much fun to visit… like a Target for wine. Was going to try Vin Chicago on my visit next month, but may give one of these other places a go also. Am driving so can carry all I can afford. Thanks all for the dialogue.

I did BYOB at Alinea last year, no issues. Enjoy the experience!

Vin is a great shop, and tends to specialize more in the $30-80 range (which I find is a great sweet spot), but with the high corkage at Alinea, I feel like you need to bring some really serious stuff to justify the fee.

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+1 on Knightsbridge or Flickinger (particularly if you like older stuff). Binny’s is good, but tends to carry younger wines (unless you want to pay a good premium). Vin is nice, but to Ben’s point, does not carry too much that’s worth a $125 corkage. A few times I’ve been to Schaefer’s, and they have a decent cellar - however, a few times I’ve had some older stuff and it turned out no bueno - they do caution that their older bottles/back vintages do not carry any guarantees but they did take care of me once and extended a refund.

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I personally think champagne is best suited for the alinea menu, or white burg. You could do a red burg, but I’m not sure it’d be good with a lot of the courses. Obviously doing two wines would be even better, but if you were going to do 1 bottle I’d make it a champagne.

If i went again (which I’m not planning to do) I probably bring Cedric Bouchard with some age and Rousseau chambertin.

Lots of good recs. But Vin is very close to Binny’s. Easy to hit both. Vin has the occasional gem