Chicago theater district hotel recs needed

My wife and I are traveling to Chicago in late February to see the musical Hamilton. Can anyone give me some recommendations on decent hotels within walking distance of The PrivateBank Theater? Any nearby Chicago style restaurant recs would be appreciated too.



Palmer House is across the street. A bit staid, but a classic. The Chicago Athletic Association Hotel is a couple of blocks away in a repurposed deco building on Michigan Avenue. You may also want to look at The Burnham. There is also a Hampton Inn attached to the theater. There are a pretty good range of other hotels in the east Loop that would work for you as well.

How long are you in town for? If you’re staying one night and seeing the show David’s rec of the Palmwr House is spot on, however, that’s in the Looo and probably not the best area for an extended stay.

I wouldn’t worry about picking a hotel with in walking distance to the theater. The tourist area of Chicago is pretty compact and there are many, many hotels to choose from a short cab or uber ride a way. You may not want to walk anywhere in February anyway. Pick a hotel that fits your budget and has the amenities you want. Getting to the theater is a piece of cake.

In terms of restaurants there are lots of threads here. There are 100s of restaurants within a 1 mile radius of the theater. If you narrow it down by budget and or cuisine I am sure we can throw out some specific recs. I am not sure what you mean by Chicago style…


So many options - and it’s so easy to get around that proximity is not a big deal really - but weather is! Also go early - the theater is not great at managing such a large audience entering all at once. That said, what a joy the show is!

As mentioned, give us a bit more info and the recommendations will be plenty!

(PS, the Burnham has been sold and s being renamed - rather shocking news to me)

Thanks for the suggestions. The last time that I was in Chicago was 51 years ago when I was 7 years old. It’s good to know that getting around the city is so easy as that opens up many more options. We plan to fly in on Wednesday and return to Seattle on Sunday. As far as restaurants go, we’re pretty casual people who prefer out of the way, local hangouts.

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Not sure when you are coming in Feb but there is a dental convention in from 23-27. 30,000 people could push up hotel rates and decrease some availability. If these are your dates book a hotel now.

In terms of casual “local hangouts” you would need to get out of the downtown area and out in to the neighborhoods. Maybe something like Bristol, Ceres’ table, Dove’s Luncheonette. MFK, Longman and Eagle, The Duck Inn, Dusek’s, Arroy Thai, Fat Rice. There are many more…


Thanks, George. We will be in Chicago Feb 22-26, so I will definitely book a room today.

David made some good suggestions, but yes, the area is compact. Anywhere “downtown” will be fine.

Thanks again, folks. We’re booked at the Palmer House for 3 nights.

I like the Kimpton chain if you can get a reasonable deal

I might get lambasted for the recommendation, but I would stay in the North Michigan Avenue area. It’s touristy (loads of shopping), but it’s located near the theatre, restaurants, etc.

Corey I agree. I think the Palmer house is old and dated and the loop is pretty dead at night.


While I agree that the Palmer is dated, it’s right across from the theater which is an advantage if the weather turns nasty.

One caveat about the walkability of the area. It is true that the area is compact. It is also true that 4 or 5 blocks in 10 degree/30 MPH weather can be a punishing experience. If you plan on walking in Chicago in February, bring a down-filled jockstrap

The Palmer House is a classic old hotel. The lobby is beautiful. The rooms are somewhat dated. One good thing is that it is a Hilton hotel so that if you have Hilton points, that might be helpful. I tend to stay there once or twice a year because it is very near our Chicago office.

The Loop is dead at night. Up Michigan Ave. probably would be better for dinner. But, if the weather is bad and you stay at the Palmer House you can get to the theatre and, at worst, eat at the hotel. If the weather is better, you can take a cab to dinner.

During the day, go into the Macys near there in the middle of the Loop on State Street. It is a tragedy that it is now called Macys (it should always be Marshall Fields) but this is a classic American Department Store, the way they used to look (only renovated) when people dressed up to go downtown. There is a restaurant upstairs there that is interesting for lunch - this to me is the type of restaurant that “ladies” used to lunch at when they dressed up to go downtown.