Chicago, Strongbox Storage great news

Last month, at an offline, Scott McDonald had told us that Strongbox had interviewed him about CellarTracker, and had posted the short video on their blog.

I subsequently responded below, requesting that, since they already had an internet connection in their office, could they possibly install a wireless connection for us CT users in the Cellar area.

So I pop by there yesterday, and lo and behold it was in the process of being installed , and they are up and running. And the Lincoln Park location is next.

This is a great recognition of a cheap way to provide added value on their part.


Ohh this is great! Thank you Robert for making that comment on the blog and posting here that wifi is a GO (and alerting me that Strongbox has a blog-I had no idea).

Well done Strongbox! flirtysmile

Reward donations accepted.

This is great - thanks!


Hopefully ‘The Lock-Up’ on Kinzie and Orleans will follow suit.