Chicago: Port retrospetive: 30-year horizontal

In Chicago, we’re pulling together a 30-year horizontal retrospective on the 1985 port vintage.

Topic: 1985 Vintage Port - 30-year horizontal retrospective.
Location: Columbia Yacht Club in Chicago (the large blue ship at the end of Randolph Street)
Date: February 26 (Friday)
Format: Tasting first, beginning at 6:30 pm. Dinner afterward at the club, starting at roughly 8:30. Bring some wine for dinner. Spouses/significant others no doing the tasting can still attend dinner afterwards.
Limited to 16 people, so that one bottle can stretch for tasting purposes.
I’ll keep track of the attendees here on this post, along with the wines. Thanks much!

Attendees and wine

John Danza - Gould Campbell
David Li - Grahams
Brian C. - Fonseca
R. Smith - Ferreira
Alex Schusler -Dow
Dagmara Schusler - Royal Oporto
Linda Garard - Warre
Jaime Garard - Calem
Kurt Wieneke - Kopke

Dinner attendees only

Jan Danza

Anyone who might be interested can also check out this thread on FTLOP. Thanks!

We’re up to nine wines represented with a maximum of 16 for the tasting.