Chicago Gathering - late May/early June

A mini vertical might be fun!

A space opened up, if anyone is able to make it - just let me know!

I should add, I’m fairly flexible, so if preferred, and makes sense too pair, pretty sure I have some 05 Produttori Reserves, and/or 60s/70s Bordeaux

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All, suggestion for us all to double decant our wines ahead of the dinner? Knowing the age(s) of many of the wines being brought, it may be a good idea to do so.

Looking forward to Thursday. Reminder there is 1 open spot, so let me know if you’d like to attend.

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Hi Clayton,
I myself like the idea of the '83 G-L, maybe because the '82 was so good. Sadly, I have no more. I don’t mind the Produttori as an outlier, though it seems like their might be another already in the mix. But if people prefer that I bring a Bordeaux, I can do that instead…as I’ve mentioned multiple times, I just thought with the food, something Italian might also be nice.

I agree that double decanting is probably a good idea. I’m planning on doing a double decant on my Bdx before I leave.

Also, I’ll be taking the Metra so I’ll probably be there a little bit early.

Anybody bringing stems? Do folks know what the glassware is like at Vinci’s?

I’m not going to be able to attend Thursday.

My apologies, but I will also have to drop out. I’m sorry to miss because this sounds like it’s going to be terrific. Hope to join the next one.

Just noticed how Kevin had phrased this: “Josh - '92 Dalla Valle, or '08 Produttori Riserva Barberesco”
To be clear, I always intended and still intend to bring both.
Looking forward to meeting everyone and thanks again to Kevin for organizing.


I was not planning on bringing stems/glassware. I imagine Vinci can provide if someone is unable to bring?

Stems are fine at Vinci

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Great wines all around with everything showing really well. Thanks to all the fine folks here for sharing wonderful bottles, and thank you to Kevin for organizing!

My WOTN: the 1969 Chateau Gazin. Oldest right bank I’ve ever experienced and it was just so light, floral and herbal. When tasting blind, I thought Pinot, so merlot was a real surprise to me, but this wine was a real standout for me.


A great time with some great people! Looking forward to the next meetup!

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Yes, thanks again to Kevin and great to meet everyone!
For me, I think WOTN was the '83 Gruaud-Larose, once the Cordier funk blew away. I can still taste it this AM. All showed very well and the blinded Gazin was certainly a find!


Looks like a great event. I wasn’t able to join, so I never threw my name out there, but I would definitely love to participate in anything in the future.


That was an outstanding wine. I was a fan of the funk :slight_smile: hard to be disappointed with anything, they all showed nicely. The Ravenswood was such an eye opener for me too.

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