Chicago Bearserkerfest Thursday 5/16 Dinner @ Browntrout: RSVP Inside!


Nick C
Keith A
Phillip C
RPS (tentative)

I’ll join in. Where are you staying and when are you getting in?

Hyatt on N Michigan Ave. Get in 2 oclock or so, so i’ll have plenty of time for dinner whenever.

You guys may wish to PM T-Bone, as he said he’d be in town that night.

I’ll be getting back from Paris at 3:30 PM that day. Depending on place and time, I’d be interested.

Will try

Anybody local want to lead the charge? I can do headcounts etc, but as far as time/place, I wouldn’t be very helpful.

I’d be interested. As far as a venue, I’ve been wanting to try Oliver’s Cafe. I’ll call them in a few days, after we have some idea of our group’s size.

Scott, I’d love to do Oliver’s, but I think it may be too much to ask the out of towners to go down to Bridgeport.

I think HB Home Bistro would probably work better

We paid another visit to HB in December with the Kolins, and I believe that they, like my wife and I, will never return. Abysmal in every respect.

yeah, obviously the shorter cab ride back the better for me, but i’ll defer to you all for venue decisions

That’s extremely disappointing to hear.

I also remembered that Thursday’s are $0 corkage at Browntrout. That’s never failed us when we’ve went

Edit: Browntrout is also very close to half acre champagne.gif

Browntrout is perfect.

OK, let’s do roll. I’ll get it going in the OP here.


Count me in. Let’s notify T-bone too so he can join up too

I’ve always wanted to try Browntrout. Sounds good to me.


Just putting this out there we are doing a Vintner dinner at Emilio’s Hillside on Thursday evening. Usually an inclusive menu.

i haven’t vinted a thing in my life. i am an ohioan though!

Count me in! I’ll bring the Clown Trout. He’ll be there all week…try the bait.