Chester's Anvil - SOLD OUT The last few cases, 63% off!

Chester’s Anvil was a wondrous collaboration among friends and neighbors — Aaron and Claire Pott of Pott Wine and Steve Lagier and Carole Meredith of Lagier Meredith Vineyard. We created Chester’s Anvil as an excuse to work (and drink) together and to be able to offer wines beyond our usual purview. And they were wonderful wines – complex, balanced, unpretentious and easy to drink. But after the 2013 vintage we decided to bring this party to a halt. Our individual endeavors, Pott Wines and Lagier Meredith Vineyard, were keeping us too busy to make and manage the Chester’s Anvil wines too. We have a few cases left of 2 of the wines – the 2013 Hattori Hanzo and the 2013 Mead Ranch Zinfandel. We’re offering them at a huge discount, over 60% off, so you can help us finish them off.

Links to CellarTracker tasting notes are way down at the very bottom. Questions? Please email me at

Chester’s Anvil 12-bottle case for $180 – a 63% discount
A full case (12 750ml bottles) of either of these wines

  • 2013 Chester’s Anvil Hattori Hanzo (Napa Valley) SOLD OUT A harmonious blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and other kindred grapes

  • 2013 Chester’s Anvil Zinfandel (Mead Ranch, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley)SOLD OUT

The regular retail price for these wines was $40/bottle or $480/case, so this BerserkerDay price of $180 represents a 63% discount. That’s $15/bottle for what was originally $40!

Shipping is not included in this price, but to give you an idea of shipping cost, ground shipping will be $50 to the Midwest or the East Coast and $29 to the West Coast. We’ll ship as the weather permits. We do NOT ship to the following states: AR, DE, KY, LA, MS, RI, UT

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Chester’s Anvil closeout

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CellarTracker tasting notes:

2013 Hattori Hanzo:

2013 Zinfandel:

In for a case of HH.

in for a case of HH as well

Can I mix and match?

Yeah, any way to do 6 of each for a 12 pack?

First Berserker Day! Grabbed a case of HH!

In for a case of zin!!

If you decide to allow 6/6 split of the zin and HH, i’d have no problem switching to that! Thanks Carole!!

never mind

(case of each [berserker.gif] )

Sorry but we can’t split the Chester’s Anvil cases. If you want 6 bottles of each, then I suggest you find someone else of like mind and then order a case of each and share them.

In for a case of HH! This is a smoking deal. Thanks!!

Great deal - I’m in! Happy to get some of the last cases!

Easiest purchase so far.

In for a case of the HH… now done with BD.

Case of HH was an easy call

Anybody in NYC want to split a case of the HH?

In for a case of each … splitting with a friend to make 6/6.

Easiest reload ever. Thank you!

No brainer, and I should know. [tease.gif]

Case of HH.

Such a killer bargain, I bought a case of each, thought about it a minute, and then ordered two more. :grin:

Sad to see the label go away, but excited to stock up at a bargain price. Now, the question is … Where do I store it all? :scream: