Chester's Anvil 4-bottle sampler

Chester’s Anvil

For those who want to order the Lagier Meredith and Chester’s Anvil together, I figured I better avoid the riot and get it posted!

4-bottle sampler of current Chester’s Anvil releases – 2009 Hattori Hanzo (red blend), 2009 Malbec, 2010 Gretna Green (white blend), 2010 Chardonnay. $100 (regular price is $135, so this is a 26% discount)


OK, that one’s good to go now too.


Thanks to you, Carole, and Steve. [cheers.gif]

Thank you! My first purchase today glad it has 2 whites in it.

Carole - I purchased both the Lagier Meredith and the Chester Anvil offers but did them separately. I put a note on the Chester Anvil offer to combine for shipping but thought I would post here as well. Thanks for your participation. Steve

Saw your note Steve. No problem.


i responded to my Lagier Meredith order confirmation and asked about adding this deal.

I am in


Order placed for one pack of each. I can pickup from you Carole at HdR or on my next Napa trip if you don’t have room to bring it with you to HdR.


Went in on one of these, then after seeing Carole’s post in the LM thread about 8-bottle orders/combining shipping, I emailed about adding another since I had already purchased one of the LM verticals and she quickly replied saying no problem. Great customer service & I can’t wait to try them!

OK Jim

I’m in on this one.

I’m in…

I decided to jump in on this one as well.

Carole - can this be combined for shipping with my Lagier-Meredith order from earlier today?

Yes, we can combine your orders and save you some money on the shipping. I’ll adjust it manually.

We’ve shipped BerserkerPaks to the west coast and the southern states, but it’s been too cold to ship elsewhere. You’ll get an email from me when we’re about to ship your wine.

Got mine last Friday…opened a Gretna Green on Sat and loved it.

For those of you in the Northeast, Midwest and the Rockies, we still haven’t shipped your orders because it’s too cold. We have to consider not only the temperature at your location, but also the temperatures all along the route. We use FedEx Ground and shipments going to the Northeast and Midwest travel through Utah, Wyoming and Nebraska. Brrrr.