Chef Boyardee Pizza test!!

I was looking around the cupboards to find a spot of lunch, when way in the corner I spied this box of Chef Boyardee… Pizza kit [swoon.gif] . So I thought I might do an experiment.

I made the dough, as the box suggested!! Allowed to rest 20 mins. I worked the dough about 5 mins before.

Made my own sauce: fresh garden romas ( squeezed ), red wine vinegar, salt, fresh garlic, sugar, oregano!! pretty tasty

The Pizza was three cheese. Scamorza, Robiola and Fontina

When I began to work the dough, it worked real easy!! Made the pie added Cheeses, tomato sauce, evoo, fresh basil and Italian spices

Placed on a stone on the grill cooked 12 mins at about 500 degrees

I pulled it out, looked good, but the crust sucked!! I almost reminded me of cookie dough… the flavors of the toppins was killer. Overall failure!! I looked back and I think the bx expired a yr ago… sa maybe the yeast died… Oh well…


I was afraid to read this. I should have been more afraid. I would have been terrified if you’d used all the ingredients from the box.

Recheck your expiration date. I would have sworn they stopped making Chef Boyardee pizza kits circa 1978.

I was shocked this thread was not started by Randy. [oops.gif]


Me too. I was more interested in the dough. The dough was completely flavorless with all these ingredients

Enriched wheat flour ( wheat flour, malted barley flour ), niacin, thiamine, Vitamin B1, B2 and folic acid, partially hydrogenated veggie oil,shortening,yeast, dextrose, leavening ( Sodium Aluminum Phospate and Sodium Bicarb ) and salt!! WOW Scary. Now I know why I never eat package foods anymore!! [cry.gif]

Well… so far I’m still alive.

Btw… Nice Blog when did it launch?


Almost two years ago for the blog. Except I need to contribute. It’s been a while.

I’m going to have to ask him, but I’m almost positive that my FIL worked on this product when he worked as a food scientist at Chef Boyardee.

Grounds for revoking his PhD or MS or whatever he got awarded.

Nah, too much work. The closest I would have come to this is using a Boboli with the pizza sauce it comes with, topped with Mac & Cheese, slices of american cheese, a ton of bacon bits and after cooking/burning it, add pepper flakes. [cheers.gif]

Yeah, my opinion of food scientists’ food quality is not high. Other products he worked on: Jiffy-Pop, Chef Boyardee Ravioli, Crunch-n-Munch, All-Star Cheeseburgers (used to be sold at Sams Club and Walgreens).

He also worked as a food inspector in the Vietnam war.