Cheeses, raisins, and nuts with old Zinfandel

For dessert last night, while watching Jamie at Home and Iron Chef America (via TiVo), we had the last of several cheeses, Chaumes, Old Chatham Sheeps’ Milk Blue and Camembert, Drunken goat, & aged Manchego (it’s time to refill the cheese drawer) with a 1986 Chateau Montelena Estate Zinfandel - fill less than a cm below the cork; good garnet color; rich, complex nose & flavors of spicy berries; balanced mid-palate with good acidity and rich fruit; and a medium long, complex spicy berry finish. It was quite enjoyable with the raisins, nuts, and cheese.

love Montelena Estate Zin too. still affordable on the secondary market, unlike Estate Cab.

We still have around six bottles from a case that we didn’t even open until five years ago.

that is a happy find indeed!

We didn’t ‘find’ it. I just hadn’t opened it. I had a number of Ridge, Grgich, and Ch Montelena cases that I didn’t open until recently. We’ve always preferred older wines.