Cheaper versions of 07 Caymus and 07 Caymus SS

If you liked the Caymuses and I liked them a lot, I have a cheaper find that will be quite similar in flavor profile: 07L’Aventure Optimus and 07L’Aventure Estate Cuvee.

I love L’Aventure, but I’ve never done a side-by-side comparison with Caymus. The L’Aventures seem much bigger than I would tend to expect from Caymus.

I will try them.
thanks, Otto.

I have never had those wines, but I am surprised that the heavy dose of syrah would make it taste much different.

Struggling with how these are related. Paso Vs. Napa. Syrah Blend Vs. Cabernet. Optimus is good and Caymus '07 is good, but I find them VERY different

I’ve had all 4 wines, and I don’t see the comparison whatsoever, particularly the L’Aventure Estate Cuvee vs Caymus SS

Closer to Lewelling huh?


L’Aventure Estate is big, black, and badass, with a ripe fruit profile (it’s from Paso, so that’s not a surprise) - many layers, complex, but definitely on the dark side. Caymus SS is cab, from Napa, and you know that region well enough to know that what is described above (other than the many layers and complex) rarely if ever describes Napa Cab…particularly Special Selection.

I have had wines that trigger ‘sensory memories’ of others, and some have been different from countries, little less wine growing regions.
I think that’s what we may be speaking of here…
I could be wrong. [cheers.gif]

I love me some Otto, and look forward to drinking with him again, but he said ‘similar flavor profile’, and I just don’t get that…not at all.

There’s only one other reason then…

He was drunk. It happens.

I buy and enjoy both L’Aventure and Caymus wines, but I’m also in the camp who finds these wines to be worlds apart:

L’Aventure’s wines are huge, black, brutish, and very Paso, with a nose of Robitussin or Jaagermeister. The darkness and monster tannins tell you right away that these wines are like no other. Not to mention the very-present 16% alcohol!

Caymus Cabs strike me as polished, elegant, typical “blue chip” Napa Cabs, with lots of oaky vanilla. They have a sense of balance amidst all that fruit, and a clean finish.

I’m curious what characteristics of these wines drove Otto’s comparison.

I love L’aventure, and the Optimus is definately up there in QPR. That being said, I echo the sentiment of not seeing the comparison, though I havent tried the 07 releases from L’aventure. Otto, I’d be happy to do an offline and drink some of your Camus SS though flirtysmile

Try the Optimus and the Estate Cuvee on day 2, after the wines mellow some.

Perhaps if you cook them in a hot garage for a couple of months you will think that they taste similar… [whistle.gif]