Chautauqua Erie Wine Trail

I have a trip to the area in a week and have some time to kill. Anything worthwhile or should I just stick with the yuengling?

Freedom Run makes some really nice cab franc and pinot if you like the more reserve afwe style.

21Brix in Westfield and Johnson estate make very credible Reislings. reds are hit and miss. If you are used to Cali producers, re-calibrate your palate…

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Oh and never mind the Yuengling (waaay overrated), get yourself some Southern Tier Brewery micros. they haven’t gone corporate yet and make great individual brewed IPAs…

Thanks everyone!

Definitely Southern Tier for beer. But I disagree, they are well on their way to going corporate, but still a lot of fun.
I love their Live and my parents stopped to get me some on their way out to Michigan for Easter.

Mazza Winery has a lot of offerings as well, including eau de vie and even whisky under their 5&20 brand. A visit to Southern Tier is well worth it—they have a small pub there too.

Bump. Anyone been in the last few years? Going to stop by Markko Vineyard on the way there but am unfamiliar with the Chautauqua area. Rented this house in Westfield:

21 brix outside of Westfield. Their Chardonnay wines are decent, hope they have the Cab Franc available. Winemaker Chris Kane is a great guy, if you can catch him in drop my name, he will pour you some of the good stuff behind the bar…

For the rest of the herd, taste the rieslings, but the table grape and hybrid wines leave something to be desired. Unfortunately, the $$$ to take things up a level is just not there in many cases. Johnson Estate is worth a look as is
Mazza and Lakeview Cellars.

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Got there too late to sample?

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Enjoyed this bubbly from our trip:

If you are looking for a cheaper méthode Champenoise, this will hit the spot.